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If you were given a surprise test on the last book you read for fun, what grade would you get?

Asked by Annalem (20points) March 11th, 2010

I would receive an A because its easier for me to remember what I’m interested in, than the boring stuff for school.

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A+ ...It was “The Fountainhead” by Ayn Rand.
By the way, this is a great question. Nothing silly about it at all.

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This is just about the only time you’ll ever here me boast….. I would get an ‘A’ everytime regardless of the book, I’m brilliant at exams.
Incidently the last book I read was World War Z.

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How completely apropos that we were just discussing “silly questions” on Fluther. I guess we all have to ask the first one sometime, though.

Welcome to the collective.

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The last book I read was interesting, but odd (very, very odd – The Third Policeman). I wouldn’t want to be tested on it.

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A. I always get As.

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An “F”.
I don’t have long term memory when it comes to books or Movies. But I do surprised myself, what bubbles to the surface now and then.

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@ChazMaz you surprise all of us with what bubbles to the surface every now and then.

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A—I love reading, whatever.

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Chazmaz, can you pay more attention the next time you’ll read a book? Or I won’t talk to you.

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I read, I enjoy. I even reflect. But most goes to RAM.

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Short term memory

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I read stuff for personal enjoyment that practically counts as a text book. I was reading a Python GUI Programming book last week, and I remember virtually all of it. I’d ace that test.

Contrast that with my college classes, where I could read half of my Chemistry textbook and not remember a damn thing.

Selective memory, only I don’t get to do the selecting…

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It was a glaze chemical textbook.I would do alright….BOOM! lol

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I also remember more when I read for pleasure because I enjoy it. That’s why I have a 2.5 GPA.

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@Annalem Yeah, most of my friends think my college track record is flawless. I’m taking graduate level computer science classes even though I’m not a graduate student (I like them and they technically count toward my degree) but I struggled through two semesters of 100-level Chemistry and Geology classes (as a sophomore!). I just can’t seem to make myself learn something if I don’t want to. It’s really frustrating.

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I am now reading the Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver, and Collapse by Jared Diamond.

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I read Blink…it was a book on how we formulate our decisions in a blink of an eye. I would get an A++. I am currently doing extra credit work.

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I just read the instructions to my Crock-Pot®.

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Hopefully an A.It was the highway code.

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A- for The Stand. I would remember a lot of it but at 1100 pages somethings would be forgotten.

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@cbloom8 Quite possibly my favorite book ever. :)

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Probably A+, because I keep re-reading a few books in my library, so can probably quote passages from them now.

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Does The Odyssey count as a book?

If so, I’d make a B or a C+.

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A++ last book i read was only a week ago “Soulforge” by Margaret Weis. One of my favorite Dragonlance books

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I’d probably not care. I read the book for my enjoyment right?

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I wouldn’t miss a single question. When I read something on purpose that I wanted to read I get really into it and digest every word.

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Is the test a short-answer quiz on remembering details or an analytic essay? I’m just wondering what your idea of a test is.

I’ve just finished three books and could give short or long answers on any of them. I would get an A.

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My daughter in law gave me her Twilight to read, which I just finished, so I would get an A. If the test was next month, I wouldn’t do as well.

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The Sirens of Titan, Vonnegut.

I’d get a B.

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Rich, I hope you JUST reread that. You must have photographic memory to recall I book we read in high school. I still have my copy though…been meaning to read it again.

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No idea. Last thing was Lord of the Rings, but I’m no good with names, so I hope they ask stuff about what Sméagol used to be rather than who’s ancestors did what 700 years ago.

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