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Does Tide clean better than the cheaper brands?

Asked by BoBo1946 (15285points) March 11th, 2010

You have so many cheaper brands to wash your clothes.

Is there a difference?

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I haven’t noticed a difference since I’ve switched to the cheaper stuff. I’ve found that giving clothes a chance to soak had more effect than the detergent.

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I’ve never found one. It’s like most off-brand or store-brand products—they’re usually just repackaged copies of the name brand one, sold for cheaper.

@gemiwing‘s got it right too, the detergent can only do so much in the first place.

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Not necessarily, but their advertising makes consumers believe that it does, which is nearly as good from a marketing perspective.

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Some of the cheaper products have more salt or sodium,which is used as a filler I believe. I use Tide because it does a better job in hard water. I’ve tried a lot of cheaper products and I’ve often wished the cheaper brands would work for me.

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Not only does Tide not clean better, the powder will clog your drains over time.

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With liquid detergents and dish soap, I have found the really cheap stuff is watered down, you have to use more to get the same suds.

You have to try particular things to find what is and isn’t good. The Meijer store brands have always performed like the more expensive brand names for me. When I travel to Michigan, I stock up on Meijer dish and laundry detergent

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I like Tide because the combination of Tide and Downy smells so wonderful to me.

However, there are a couple of other brands that I have been happy with and will buy whichever happens to be on sale. Tide, All, or Arm and Hammer usually. Once I thought about buying an inexpensive store brand of fabric softener, but once I smelled it I couldn’t imagine using it on our clothes. It smelled horrible. Since the only thing about doing laundry I like is the smell of clothes fresh out of the dryer, I couldn’t get a stinky product.

I do like how many containers will say how many loads of laundry you can do with that bottle. It makes it easier to compare the cost over time, but you do have to pay attention to the measurements on the caps. If you fill them up with detergent or fabric softener, you are using way too much.

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thank you everyone….catch you to

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Someone once told me never use Tide on dark laundry, because it has more detergent or something? I have no idea if that is true, but I guess that would mean it might be better at cleaning laundry. I do use Tide a lot because my husband likes the smell, but I don’t really notice a difference in how clean my laundry is when I switch to other laundry soaps at times.

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The good ones like Tide are all pretty much the same in efficacy but differ in scents and active ingredients. The second tier (by price) of detergents are probably every bit as good as the first tier but packaging suffers. The third tier is generally effective but you probably would need more detergent than with the first and second tier to get the same results. The fourth tier that you would most likely find in warehouse clubs and cheap grocers are hardly effective and may just impart a scent to your cloths but do very little is soil removal. My company makes high-end commercial and industrial detergents and we find the above scenario to be true of our competitors.

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Of course. There’s white. And then there’s Tide white.

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I like Gain just because of the smell and I think it cleans the same.

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Yes, some of them. Haven’t you seen those fascinating commercials?

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@faye yeah, thought about trying that…it is a lot cheaper than Tide..well, not a lot, but cheaper.

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Every once in awhile I try some other detergent, but I always go back to tide. The rest leave my clothes looking dingy.

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@YARNLADY cool….thank you for the info!

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@YARNLADY Do you use Tide with Bleach? Bleach alternative? Or just the regular one?

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@JLeslie I prefer the Tide with bleach, but Hubby both the regular this time, so I’m adding a scoop of OcyClean with each load. That helps. I tried adding liquid clorox in the dispenser, but it spotted some of my clothes, so I stopped doing it. Apparently, you have to let the machine fill with water/clorox mix before putting in the clothes.

What happens then is the machine sits there with water in it for an hour or two before I remember to go back and put the clothes in.

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