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what are the pros and cons of Hillary Clinton?

Asked by jkainz (115points) March 6th, 2008 from iPhone
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She’s an artist.

Not withstanding all the accusations and charges real or perceived, the daughter they raised, turned out very respectable. And that says something positive about the parents.

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@ironhiway…what do you mean about her being an artist? a sculptress?

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@wabarr: con-artist

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umm….. Let’s think… The last Clinton president was an embarrassment to our country so lets elect another one. Great idea! She can be the the first woman in the Clinton administration that can sit behind the desk in the oval office instead of under it.

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The last Clinton also balanced the budget for the first time in decades.
Was that also an embarassment?

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I see very few pros with Hillary.

One of America’s most talked about issues is restoring world wide diplomacy. Will we have diplomacy with a female president ? This is not a sexist statement, I am simply stating this based on what I have heard from others around the world.

Her health care “plan” she devised during Bill’s term was beautiful… on paper. Proper application would render it virtually impossible.

She doesn’t know what to stand for until someone insists she take a stand, and for God’s sake when is the woman going to come out of the closet? (not joking)

With all that said… is she any worse than any of the other majors? No.

P.S. If you vote for her it’s a vote for SNL being funny again.

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Pros: She’s a great liar.

Cons: She is not Monica Lewinsky

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Also, Clinton balanced the budget by crippling our military and selling technology to the Chinese.

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@Riser: Your non-sexist comment actually sounds pretty sexist. Are you saying that leaders of other countries will not want to talk to a woman? Would you suggest that the reason the Bush administration is such a failure with diplomacy is because Condoleezza Rice is a woman? I wouldn’t.

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no sir. What I am saying is that most countries are fearful of a threat on National Security inflicted by Arab countries that “house” sects of Terrorism. One of the many reasons people believe we have failed with Iraq is a lack of Global Unification which then empowers Terrorist acts. How do we expect to regain that supposed need for Global Diplomacy, in regards to national security, if our perceived enemy looks at a woman as a powerless, sub-standard member of humanity. I am not saying I agree with this I am simply pointing out that I am surprised it has not been questioned before.

At the risk of sounding like a Michael Moore sympathizer; I do not believe there is a threat to national security as has been painted for us in recent years. If there was, the borders would be closed and we wouldn’tt be developing an international highway for trade, unifying Canada,US and Mexico, economically, by 2012…. But I’m going off on a tangent. Sorry.

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Skwer i88, the only reason he balanced the budget was b/c of high taxes. And let’s be serious, we aren’t ever gonna get out of debt unless money starts to grow on trees

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so we shouldn’t even try?

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The pros are we could make fun of her pantsuits, shrieking and shrillness for four years.
The cons would be that she would be President during that time.

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Actually, it is Congress that allocates spending, not the President so the budget balancing was done by Congress which was Republican under Clinton (not in the same way Monica was under him) for the last six years of his Presidency.
However, the Republicans blew it in the first six years of the Bush Presidency when spending was out of control.

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The pros of Hillary are the people who run her campaigns and knwo exactly when to smear the opposition. The cons are the people Bill pardoned just before he left office.

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Pros: She’s tough and knows how to play dirty.
Cons: See above.

Let’s face it, if we could distill all of the issues down to one thing, the most important job of any President is to preserve the unique freedoms enjoyed by Americans. We can all disagree about what that means, or how to do it, but that is the basis for everything.

Does anyone, even Ms. Clinton’s supporters, truly think she cares at all about the freedoms of the American people? As anything more than something to give lip service to while she advances her own interests? You may for various reasons support her candidacy, but do you really think she cares about Americans? When has she ever done anything to reflect that? I don’t think we can know yet about Obama, McClain clearly cares about American freedom (although you may disagree with how he gets there), but Clinton clearly does not even consider our freedoms as her job. I sincerely think Americans frustrate her because we have not yet unanimously beatified her as the Messiah.

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She has no idea what shes talking about half the time….

She wants to lower taxes, yet wants to start like 4 projects that are all budgeted for $50 billion.

Someone please, point out whats wrong with that one…

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