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Who was this Star Child?

Asked by MrsDufresne (3547points) March 11th, 2010

This skull was found and genetically tested. Although it was determined to have a human mother, they could not determine a father. Is this a hoax?

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Could just be a child with retardation.

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It is not a star child.

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Probably just an alien.

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Considering the source… it’s not a “star child.” It’s bullshit.

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Repeat tests showed several unexplained problems with the Starchild skull, such as unknown bone fibers. Moreover, because nuclear DNA could not be extracted, the mitochondrial DNA sample only proved human maternity, but not paternity. With recent advances in DNA testing, this is said to now be remedied, and the Starchild skull may be headed for further testing.

With recent advances in DNA testing remedying the issue (ok, “said to”... I do not have the original study which would not be under “starchild”), I would think that, if other than human DNA being found would have blown this thing sky high.

As far as the deformities, they are extreme but can be found in many known birth defects and illnesses. The child is guessed to have progeria as is stated in the link above but a child is not limited to only one genetic illness or random birth defect.

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Found an interesting site:

The “Starchild skull”: palaeopathology meets alien abduction
What Pye does not dwell on are the 1999 DNA test, which identified both X and Y chromosomes, which show that the child was a boy; Y chromosomes can only be inherited from the father (men have an XY chromosome pair, women an XX chromosome pair), so the child’s father must have been as human as his mother.”

“So why does the skull look so unusual? Although Lloyd Pye quotes doctors who state that it cannot have been a pathological condition, he ignores similar skeletal remains that are clearly the result of hydrocephalus, a condition in which the skull fills with cerebrospinal fluid in and around the brain and which can be fatal. Another condition that can yield similar skeletal pathologies is progeria, in which symptoms resembling premature ageing are caused by a genetic mutation. The scientific evidence shows very clearly that the “Starchild skull” is that of a very sick human boy who probably died from the condition that caused the unusual pathological features of the skull.”

This comment further busts the myth. He points out a few things about pathology and that similar deformations were documented from that time.

From here : “What about their confident prediction that DNA testing will prove the child was alien? Well, a DNA sample was taken from the skull, and was subjected to DNA probes designed to detect sequences of DNA which are unique to humans (performed by Dr. David Sweet, Director of the Bureau of Legal Dentistry at the University of British Columbia). The Starchild skull DNA was found to contain both an X and a Y chromosome. This is conclusive evidence that the child was not only human (and male), but both of his parents must have been human as well, for each must have contributed one of the human sex chromosomes.”

Down a bit is the section called “The Starchild Project” that is fascinating.

Unless non human DNA is found, I consider this myth busted.

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