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What kind of socks should I wear with flats?

Asked by lonelydragon (7745points) March 11th, 2010

The shoes are dark brown leather, round toed ballet flats. Can I get away with wearing socks with them? If so, what styles and colors should I choose? As an example, I was thinking of pairing the shoes with white or tan trouser socks. I also have some thin argyle socks in complementary colors like green and navy. Would those combinations work?

BTW, I am in my mid 20’s, if that makes any difference.

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All of the above should work fine.

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Hmmm I wouldn’t go with socks, rather some type of cute leggings that cut off at the ankle with a lacy design, I’ve seen some nice ones in Macy’s for less than $10.

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I completely agree with @Chongalicious. Socks with ballet flats are weird.

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“Generally speaking, ballet flats are meant to be worn with bare feet. However, we’re guilty of wearing the occasional trouser sock or pair of tights with ballet flats when the weather is chilly. The key to doing this in a chic way is to match your sock color to your shoe as closely as possible (black with black is of course the easiest). This might not be as easy with your colored flats, so you should try to match your tights to your pants or skirt. But, rules are made to be broken – the black tights/red shoe combo shown here actually looks pretty cute! The key to pulling off any of these looks is to ensure that your socks fit well and don’t sag or bunch up.” Style Bakery

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No socks

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What are you wearing the flats with? Jeans? Socks OK. Miniskirt? Not OK, but tights could be cute. Shorts? Oh, honey, no.

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Are tights an option?

I wear ballet flats with bare feet, but I can understand if you live in a place where it is cold that you’d want to wear socks. I think tights would be cuter. Colored, opaque tights specifically. The Beauty Forum (BeFo) on Craigslist is another great place to ask this kind of question.

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Man, I would probably get locked up by the fashion police, but I sure love wearing tights with flats, and, even better, big fuzzy wool REI socks over tights with flats. I look ridiculous, but I feel so comfy and warm!

Once the summer weather comes, I’m all about those invisible inside-the-shoe mini socks, though. Or just going barefoot. Or wearing my Vibram five fingers everywhere, even where I shouldn’t.

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I always wear socks with ballet flats! It looks best when the socks are in a complementary or contrasting colour/pattern (as I imagine your suggestions are) so that they fit into the outfit as a whole. I think the end effect is cute and somewhat youthful, and the best thing is that wearing socks A) is more comfortable and B) makes your shoes less smelly!

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I couldn’t imagine wearing socks with flats.

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The only socks I wear with flats are the no-show kind.

If you must, make it look intentional. I would say white/beige/cream tones, but not the green or navy (too much). I’m not going to say “Don’t do it!” although I think it looks hideous because an emerging trend seems to be sandals and open-toed shoes with tights or knee socks, and I quite like the effect. I think that works, though, because less of your foot is exposed (whereas for flats you have the whole area on top of your feet).

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Little white socks that fold over with lace trim.

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Argyle with your school colors, show some loyalty for gosh sake!

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How about the tan pants and thin, dressy brown socks? no one will actually know you have on the brown socks, unles you cross your legs. it seems these three would co-ordiante pretty good together. only wear the compimentary argyle socks if you are going to something thats really informal and not dressy. i like it, but what do i know.

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@john65pennington Ballet flats usually show a lot of the foot. Even if she didn’t cross her legs, the sock would be visible.

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I wouldn’t wear any socks, definately no socks. @Chongalicious sounds like a nice idea.

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Okay, i agree with Likeradar and Dibley….no socks. like i said, what do i know. i will exit out of this question.

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(I have restrained myself for a week. It’s “definitely.”)

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i think it depends on your built, complexion, tone of color, texture, fabric and what your wearing. If your short, you want to create a flow in color without being cut at the ankles. Then, it would depend on your skin tone and what your wearing. If you tend to be on the fairer to medium coloring , i think you can get away with a tan or a tone on tone color . Otherwise if your tan, you could get away with a flesh color or neutral hose. Since the flats are leather, most people would see that as a dressy/sophisticated look. Pairing it with the right type of sock and what your wearing with it is important. If your wearing trousers, wear trousers socks or hose. If your wearing chinos: wear the thinner pima cotton socks, with jeans : the slip on sheer footie things or no socks(depending on how far the toe are exposed)

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