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Who has read Eating Animals by: Jonathan Safran Foer ?

Asked by vegelizabeth (723points) March 11th, 2010

i was watching Ellen Degeneres and Jonathan Safran Foer was a guest on her show recently, i heard his story and why he decided to write this book and i found it intriguing. I am a vegetarian now and have yet to read this book, but i was wondering who has and if they took anything from it. I am ordering a copy next week.

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I haven’t but he’s a funny writer

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Yep – I’ve read it. Made me go from meat eater to vegan in about 40 pages. It’s a good book and well researched!

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no sounds very scary….

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skimmed through it, didn’t care. Animals taste too good for me to stop eating them.

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@syzygy2600 You should look through it a bit more… you’re eating a lot of animal feces… and calling them animals anymore is sad – they’re machines that suffer for the entirety of their short lives.

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I read Fast Food Nation, which is a great book, but it still didn’t stop me from eating fast food or eating meat. Partly also because I’m Canadian, and we have higher standards for slaughterhouses than the U.S. Yes, there is probably a little bit of shit in the meat. There’s also rodent hairs in every jar of peanut butter, rat piss on coke cans, and bug shit and piss on every vegetable and fruit out there.

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@syzygy2600 That is true – you do have higher standards for slaughter – and no USDA, thankfully! Meat is still awfully bad for you, super poorly treated/bred, and much more documented than the stuff you mentioned.

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I’ve read it – it’s well written, simple to read and he’s funny at times given how horrid the atroicities he writes about are. I’m a vegan as it is but surely the book will give you specific facts about factory farming of meat, chicken and fish that would make your skin crawl.

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thanks everyone ! i m definitely reading it now.

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Yes i have!
So have you read it yet?

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