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What steps can one take to avoid cancer, and could most cancer patients have avoided the disease?

Asked by Ltryptophan (10780points) March 11th, 2010

Here are the obvious steps I know of: Don’t smoke, don’t go to gas stations or touch products made by oil companies, don’t drink sodas, don’t drink alcohol, don’t have a job that is in a hazardous environment with cancer causing agents, avoid radiation, a raw foods diet, a diet from untreated animals, taking fish oil, anything else?

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The only thing of the things you list that is proven is don’t smoke. Maybe working in an environment with cancer causing agents—maybe.

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Wow, horrible life! You forgot don’t have ancestors who had cancer.

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Don’t live long enough to develop a degenerative disease of unknown etiology.

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Check ups with your doctor….Well I guess your not avoiding it but least you could be ready or know about it before it was too serious.

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So noone mentioned what they thought about people who have the disease possibly having avoided it to begin with…anyone want to comment on that?

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@Ltryptophan Become bubble boy :)

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A biggie is to avoid processed sugars and especially those imitation sugars.

to love yourself and enjoy your life

be happee… nont worry…

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Well if you smoke you are in trouble. If you work next to a refinery you probably ain’t doing so good either. If you clean out asbestos from buildings your done…

@OneMoreMinure I used to drink a lot of sweet n low. That stuff is yummy in some iced tea, but I really think it affected my reaction to stimulus along with caffeine.

I don’t want a bubble, but if there are some things that are easily avoided, I wouldn’t mind avoiding them.

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So we can avoid sun, working with asbestos, smoking but do we know other causes? Most people would avoid things that are for sure going to cause cancer in you but everyone knows the leathery skinned smoker, no filter, who is a 103.

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103 year old…yeah, my great grandpa he died at 100, he smoked so many keep moving cigars his whole attack was full of the boxes!

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@Ltryptophan did you mean attic when you wrote attack?

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good sleep is very good for you
(cancer hates to sleep)

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#1 tip: EAT ORGANIC. that is all.

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What about all the plastic we use, the glue in our floors and carpets, the 6–8 syllable chemicals in foods. All of the non-environmental friendly that makes up our cars? But there was cancer 500 years ago so maybe I’m out in left field, but I don’t think so

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Eat almonds, they apparently help reduce the risk of cancer. Also eat parsley stems. Apparently cancerous tumors do not grow in the presence of said stems.

“As many as one-third of all cancer deaths could be prevented through good nutrition, physical activity, and being at a healthy weight,” says Colleen Doyle, RD, nutrition and physical activity director for the American Cancer Society (ACS).

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Well, if the barrage of warnings from the media are to be believed, then the only thing left would be to freeze-dry yourself & get vacuum sealed for freshness.

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There are no absolutes but there are many things which supposedly decrease your risks. I just think that today’s world is so full of carcinogenics it is almost impossible to avoid them all. They say eating canned tomatoes decrease males’ chance of prostate cancer, course the tomatoes are factory farmed, full of pesticides, probably genetically engineered. They say eat lean meats and chicken, again cattle fattened on grain and stuffed in a stock yard, weird chickens battery farmed.

I think you might as well smoke and drink and drug and die young and happy, thus avoiding the agony of growing old and having to worry about all this stuff.

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Unfortunately, when you smoke and drink and drug you seldom die young and happy.
Generally what happens is you become crippled and maimed and live a wretched existence and still grow old before you die.

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Real vitamin D from real sunshine. Even on cloudy days you still get sunshine. The sun is Magic!

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Eat raw organic dark green leafys like: red and regular swiss chard, romaine lettuce, collards, escarole, mustard greens, etc
and liquid minerals and seaweed and sea vegetables

organic coffee enemas and colonics
do liver, kidney and colon cleanses

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There’s no gaurantee no matter how you live. Even “healthy” vegans and vegetarians make up 35% of all people who get cancer despite being only around 5% to 10% of the entire population. There are things that may increase the odds of certain people getting it, more chemicals than ever before in foods we eat, shampoos, soaps and maybe even meat. Increased exposure to electromagnetic radiation because of cell phones, computers, etc but no one knows for sure. Some people smoke 2 packs a day and live to 100 and i read about a kid who got mouth cancer of chewing tobacco for only a month.

One things for sure, cancer rates have definitely gone up over the years so somethings causing it, 1 in 3 women will get cancer in their lifetime while 1 in 2 men will develope it. Though you won’t find too much information about this there is growing belief that whole grain foods may not be as healthy as we once thought and red meat maybe more healthier for us than we thought as well, some experiments with brain cancer patients while on a ketogenic diet for treatment alone ½ responded well, when this treatment was coupled with diabetic medication and a sugar analog the cure rate was almost 98% but you won’t find this information in any 1 story on the internet i had to dig around for this. Starve yourself of sugar/carbs your body will still produce enough sugar to feed the cancer cells so thats where the diabetic medication comes in, sugar/simple carbs don’t cause cancer but can increase your odds of getting it and it is a PROVEN FACT that glucose feeds cancer once it does develope. Interesting to see what happens with DCA as well, if it will work on actual human patients and even if it does whether it will ever see the light of day.

I’m not an expert on cancer that’s pretty much what i know but i wish i could of have my dad try the 1 2 3 punch method i mentioned while he was alive before he died from cancer as well as my best friend to see if does really work. I personally believe greed will always prevent a cancer cure, imagine what that would do to the world economy. Treating symptoms makes more money than preventing/curing sickness. Yes they would make alot of money from a cure but they are still making at least 20 times that profit through chemotherapy, radiation and surgery.

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Number one: absolutely GET the HPV vaccine. Human Papillomavirus is known and proven to cause cancer of whatever area is infected with it. Because you can get it from sex (cervical cancers and precancers can be caused by it) oral sex (HPV of the mouth or throat) anal sex (Farrah Fawcett died from HPV-caused cancer of the anus), and if someone is infected in their mouth you can get it from making out with them. It is recommended not past the age of 26, but the recommendation has been updated to include people up to age 45, and after that the effectiveness of it is less sure, requires a third dose and you should STILL get it anyway.
HPV is cleared by many people over years in their strong immune systems, but in my experience one of the strongest persons I know got HPV-caused throat cancer at age 92, after having beat 3 other types of cancer but never suspecting he had HPV.

GET the HPV Vaccine, even if it’s past the recommendation age, pay for it yourself. It is worth it.

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