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How do you pronounce dog food (from canada) name "orijen"?

Asked by krizan (56points) March 12th, 2010

dog food

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I think it’s [or ee yen].

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I would think it’s a cute spelling for “origin” but then I don’t feed dogs in Canada so I don’t really know.

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@lucillelucillelucille is right. It might be English in pronunciation.

I think I gave the French pronunciation. Or come to think of it, maybe someone could tell us if it’s Spanish in pronunciation.

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@snowberry No, I believe the French would pronounce the j as a j or zh. I believe the spanish j would sound like a rough h.

In order for the j to sound like a y, I think it would have to be Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, etc. Or Russian?

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You’re asking how to pronounce “dog food”? Seriously?

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@jfos It’s been 38 years since I took French. I don’t remember that well. So in French you’d pronounce it…or ee zhen…Right?

Or LOL, how about Martian? Do we have any Jelly Martians in the house?

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