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Is there an order of prestige or weight given to the many different entertainment awards (oscars, grammys,etc)

Asked by jaketheripper (2773points) March 12th, 2010

Oscars, grammies, emmys,academy awards, tonys,
I know some are for music and some are for film but which ones are more prestigious?

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First of all, you can’t compare awards in different industrys.

Well, not a formal one. But informally, for movies, the Academy Awards are the most prestigious, then arguably the SAG awards, followed by the Golden Globes and lastly the People’s Choice Awards.

In TV, it is the Emmys first, then the People’s Choice Awards.

In the recording industry, the Grammys have recently been eclipsed by other awards such as the Country Music Awards.

The Tonys stand alone for Broadway and theatre.

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They’re all for different things.

Oscars are for Movies.
Emmy’s are for TV
Academy Awards are the Oscars
Tonys are for plays.
Grammy’s are for music.

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I don’t thnk they mean much of anything anymore .

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You forgot to compare them to the Nobel Peace Prize, an Olympic Gold Medal, and the Stanley Cup!

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