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Which Macbook should I buy?

Asked by staringatthesun09 (5points) March 12th, 2010

Im going to be using it for photo editing and music production. Any advice on RAM and size??

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Honestly, get the best one you can afford. When the first line of unibody macbooks came out in fall of 08 I got the cheapest one (had to borrow money to get it and all) and regretted it less than a year later.

Saving up so that that the next one is a top of the line pro. The grass is always greener man… But you’ll be fine with photo editing and music production whichever one you buy, it’s just that the more expensive it is the faster it will go.

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the thing is, im going to go with a used macbook pro 15, but is 2 gb of ram good enough?
im never sure of these things
i dont want to be frustrated with it at any point
it will be an extension of myself
i cant have it fudgeeeeing up

i love your picture btw,
its a nice painting

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If you can, wait until they upgrade their processors. They’ve been using Core2Duo’s for over 2 years. I have 4GB, and it’s pretty hard to tax the system unless you have virtual machines running. USB 3.0 is also coming out soon. Also, check 64-bit compatibility for software you will be using in Snow Leopard.

I have a 2.5 GHz MBP with 512 MB GPU, the difference in processor speed for the MB and MBP isn’t that big of a deal. However, if you are performing graphics intensive tasks, go with the MBP.

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You’ll be much happier with 4GB RAM. You also want to get a model with 512MB on the video card.

If you want to attempt to install RAM yourself, you can get it cheaper at DMS or Crucial. I haven’t worked in a unibody yet, though, so it might be tricky.

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DDR3 is still expensive to buy as a consumer, but I think you’ll save $100 + have spare RAM if you buy from Newegg versus upgrading. However, be sure to buy matching sticks of RAM and ensure they’re “mac compatible”. Macs are finicky. I had random kernel panics with high quality crucial ram because they were from different batches, but the same model.

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If it were up to me and money is no object I’d max out a high-end 15”

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Buy a Windows machine. For the money you put down for a Mac, you can get a more powerful PC. Any program there is on the Mac, there’s an equivalent for Windows.

Or you could use Linux….

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