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No prom? what gives?

Asked by john65pennington (29235points) March 12th, 2010

I just read an article at AP/Facebook, where the prom at a Jackson. Mississipi high school has been cancelled. one lesbian student wants to bring her girlfriend to the prom. the lesbian girl wants to wear a tuxedo to the prom, but, the school board states it violates the school dress code and the prom was cancelled. girl contacts ACLU and a lawsuit is filed. i see nothing wrong with this situation, do you agree?

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“i see nothing wrong with this situation”

Why am I not surprised?

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I agree, if what you mean by nothing is wrong with the situation is it should be OK for the lesbian to wear a tux. See ya….Gary/wtf

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Yes, not sure what you mean exactly when you say “i see nothing wrong with the situation”. Are you cool with the two girls going to prom (and wearing a tux) or are you cool with the school board’s decision?

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I think that they should be able to go together, and if one wants to wear a tuxedo, she should be able to.

I could understand kicking a student out for wearing something unformal or too revealing, because it is a dressy school function, but not for a girl wearing something LESS revealing than a dress…

As for cancelling the whole prom, it seems to be a sure-fire way for the school to avoid lawsuit. If the school only disallowed that one couple from going, it would certainly be a rights violation.

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My point is why is the school board cancelling the prom? why make the other students suffer, even if it does violate school policy. to clarify…...let the girls go to their prom wearing what they please. its their prom. why ruin it for everyone. yes for the tux.

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@jfos…..and what the school board did is conveniently turn the wrath of the other students and their parents against these two girls. Very sad situation, indeed. See ya….Gary/wtf

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How does a girl wearing a tux violate a school dress policy?

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Oh, okay. It wasn’t a dress code, and the prom was canceled after the ACLU got involved. Got it.

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They canceled it due to homophobia, plain and simple.

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I agree that cancelling the prom was not the proper way to handle this. Personally I don’t see a problem with the girl wearing a tuxedo. It appears that cancelling the prom was their solution to avoid a lawsuit and still prevent this couple from making their public statement. I agree with whatthefluther in that the school board turned the wrath of the other students/parents against the two girls. The students and school board have the freedom to choose not to go to the prom of they are offended by what someone wears or the statement they are trying to make. Why not let the students deal with these issues themselves rather than step in and try to control the situation by cancelling the whole event?

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@hawaii_jake Yep. According to the article I just read, the “no same-sex date” clause was added after the request was made. But, all is not lost for these young folks.

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Tolerance is such an efficient thing; it’s sad no one practices it anymore.

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Mississippi sounds like a delightfully tolerant state in which to reside. ~

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This is a disgusting situation. I feel so sorry for those girls. That’s all I can say right now without using expletives.

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I could not believe this story either, except for that fact that it was in one of our more backwards states, ugh. It is terribly dissappointing. I cannot believe they actually cancelled the prom. It is so idiotic. How can they dictate what the girl wears and who she goes with? The only saving grace is that her father told her to hold her head up high and be proud of herself, so I guess there is at least one family in MS that is tolerant and accepting. I know there are a few others here on fluther, but really that state needs some help.

There was a recent story on a MS school that paddled a little boy so hard he had huge welts on his bottom. The mother was very upset, but had signed the waiver agreeing her child could be hit at school. The school board states that they need to be able to strike children or they won’t be able to control them. That might have some weight (well, it never would in my mind) if they were in the top 10 schools in the nation, but of course they are way down at the bottom.

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Cancelling the prom was pure homophobia and the girl has every right to sue the school. I think what they did is petty and totally wrong.

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Yeah I read that story here.
“Lesbians! Oh noes? What will the kids think?”
Truthfully it’s adults flipping out yet again over something trivial because it offends their sense of values.
It’s representative of the people who are teaching our kids.

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@Captain_Fantasy I would go one step farther in MS, adult bible thumping, down in the bible belt adults, flipping out who are desperately trying to make sure their children are full of hate also.

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As long as they are not immigrants.~

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Thanks everyone for the answers. i totally agree that if they want to wear a tuxedo and go hand in hand, that there is nothing wrong with it. I love Mississippi, but this reminds of the racial days back in the 50s and 60s. Mississippi had a hard time accepting racial equality then and now i guess its same sex situations. the kids are right to have their prom and let them dress as they please. after all, its just clothing. if, thats the real issue with Mississippi

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