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Is an ImageBox 3-in-1 Digital Film, Slide and Photo Converter a good thing?

Asked by susanc (16112points) March 12th, 2010

Costco wants me to buy one for ONLY #119.99 with discount.
I have an awful lot of old slides and print photos I want to consolidate. Will it scan, say, 1500 of these before it gives up the ghost?

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I don’t own the Imagebox, but I own a Canon Canoscan that scans slides and print photos and creates digital copies on the computer. It works fantastically. I wasn’t sure it would scan old camera film from the 60’s nicely, but it does & it looks fantastic. It’s also a flatbed scanner with many built-in tools & options. I would say it is a worthy investment. Here are reviews for the imagebox… they don’t look so good.

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