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Military Ball tomorrow and I still have a sore throat!

Asked by Comedian (1123points) March 12th, 2010

So, I have a sore throat (had it since like Wednesday) and I have my friends military ball to go to tomorrow. I’m getting better, but my voice is still pretty scratchy.
What I’ve done to help:
Sucking on life savours/throat soothers
Gargling with warm salt water
Using a humidifier
Taking Tylonel (I’m not the best speller)
Drinking lots of water and liquids (warm apple juice also)
Using that vapour rub stuff on my chest and feet
I’m probably doing other stuff that I can’t think of right now though.

So what else should I be doing so I can talk with a normal or at least semi normal voice tomorrow?

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I like taking airborne, although I’m not sure if it really helps or not. I think it does. And get some rest!

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Lather your neck with the Vicks vapor rub and put a nekerchief around it. . . . avoid talking… avoid cold drinks… suck up some vitamin c tablets.

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Skip the tylenol and take Advil or aspirin. And stick to warm liquids. I’m a an of tea with honey and lemon, but I don’t know if they’re necessary.

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oooh that traditional medicinals ‘throat coat’ tea is rad.

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and fisherman’s friend lozenges!

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No hot liquids! This is not congestion and cold, this is a sore throat. Your throat is probably inflamed, and cool/cold liquids will help take down swelling. If you have a high fever you might have strep. If you have no fever, you will most likely only have a sore throat for 48 hours, then you will get several hours of a reprieve, and then your congestion will start, leading into a full blown cold. No guarantees, but this is usually the case. If your sore throat goes away, bring some decongestants with you in case it starts up during the evening. I would also recommend taking some ibuprofen to feel better throughout the evening.

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Listerine!! Gargle before and after bed. Works like a dream for me.

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Gargling is great for a sore throat. Are you running a fever? Could you have strep?

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Get shitfaced. If it doesn’t help atleast you had fun while attempting to solve the problem.

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