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How do I make sure that all my personal data is removed from my computer?

Asked by sjg102379 (1245points) January 27th, 2007
I'm getting a new computer, and will be donating my old one. But how to I make sure that all my personal information is removed from the computer--especially saved credit card information, etc, from various websites?
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Depends how paranoid you are:
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For basic stuff, removing your cache in you browser and deleting all old files is sufficient
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But if you're concerned about sensitive data, a better bet is to reformat your hard drive (and reinstall your old operating system)
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There are also many commercial programs which go even farther and completely scramble all recoverable data from your machine
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but just for charity, I think erasing personal data and clearing out browser cache is sufficient. They will most likely be wiping the machine clean anyway.
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Ben! I don't know how to do any of that stuff! More explaining!
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either mac or pc, the way to reformat your hard drive is to insert the system software disc that came with your computer and go through the process of re-installing the system software. if you look carefully, there will be an option to completely erase your hard drive before the re-installation.
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One word - Chainsaw
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boot and nuke:

“DBAN is a means of ensuring due diligence in computer recycling, a way of preventing identity theft if you want to sell a computer, and a good way to totally clean a Microsoft Windows installation of viruses and spyware. DBAN prevents or thoroughly hinders all known techniques of hard disk forensic analysis.”

you can download an iso, create a boot disk and wipe it with varying levels of zeroing/random data/etc.

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