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whats everyone favorite cheap beer? i like pabst

Asked by buster (10269points) March 6th, 2008

cheap beer

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If the only options available are all cheap mass-produced beer, I drink something else.

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PBR is a fine drink. I had 8 last night.

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Bud-light baby

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lone star. The question is cheap beer right. If not I drink budlight

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Natural light :)

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I like rock rolling

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Coronita with beer salt yummy

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Miller High Life- The Champage of Beers

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Milwaukee’s Best—that’s right, I get down with the “beast”.

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GD Kimble….Yup….Milwaukee’s Best…It’s Miller High Life, but in a can and a couple of bucks less…
So what….I’ll take the cash…

gooch….You get a “Great Answer” too…Miller High Life

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Olympia baby!

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pbr or natty lite

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I’m gonna go with good ‘ol bud light. crisp taste, still classy

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