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Is interracial marriage ok?

Asked by Lightning (378points) March 12th, 2010

My science teacher said races mixing was unhealthy and “unethical”....whatever that means.

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It’s fine.

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Your science teacher should be out of a job.

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It is OK by me. Don’t just listen to your teacher…..discuss this with your parents. See ya…...Gary/wtf

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Your science teacher is a moron, or is being deliberately provocative. Scientists now understand that there are no races. We are all of one race. We just have some clinal differences in morphology, very subtle, and highly variant.

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Your science teacher is lying to you.

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Your science teacher is an ignorant bigot who should not be teaching people. Good Lord. We are all the same, human beings, and there really is no such thing as “race”, just difference in morphology, as @dpworkin said. Your teacher needs to get back in his/her time machine and head back to the deep South prior to the 1960’s.

Actually, I would like to know if you go to a public school and if so, what is the name and location? I have a few choice words for your principal regarding this science teacher.

edit… ugh, I am seriously disgusted by this. If that science teacher knew anything about genetics, they would know that diversifying the genetic line is actually quite beneficial to a species. erg.

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It’s unethical? Someone must’ve forgotten to tell my parents.

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In your previous question, “Does America have a future”, you note that your “teachers talk doom and gloom all the time”, and now your science teacher tells you this bullshit? If you are serious and not just out for a leisurely troll, tell your parents about all of this immediately (well, unless they are also doom and gloom bigots). See ya…..Gary/wtf.

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Either you’re a troll and already know the answer to the question or you genuinely don’t understand it. I don’t know which is worse. Help anyone?

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Of course it’s not okay. White people are going to be the minority soon if we don’t preserve them. We need to preserve them, so don’t intermarry.

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Where do you live? Your teacher is overstepping her bounds. Teachers have no right to force their opinons on you. Yuck. Tell someone.

Plus, there is no scientific or biological definition of race.

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@DominicX Tsk, tsk it’s disappointing isn’t it, those interrace couples putting us to shame, trying to outbreed us whites, what’s next?

Is it just me or is Fluther’s sarcasm radar off the charts today?

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It means that your teacher is a small minded bigot.

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It means he an an idiot

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Your teacher is a retard.

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@HTDC Of all the typos. “outbread us whites” (I saw that!) made me laugh. WHITE BREAD WILL REIGN SUPREME!

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I like chocolate though…..

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Well that’s just great @Sarcasm I’m glad you enjoy my misfortune…thanks for pointing out my typo for EVERYONE to see now, where it will sit FOREVER.


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I would like to meet your science teacher. I myself am the great great great granddaughter of a white immigrant from Scotland and a black Barbadian woman. I am fairly sure that the couple had to migrate to Trinidad in the 1800s – at the time a frontier colony – because mixed marriages were a no-no in Barbados at the time. One of my brothers is married to a Pole; one of my uncles married an Englishwoman – their children are very nice people. Our late Prime Minister, Dr. Eric Williams, was the descendant of a French aristocrat through his mother. There must be something in mixed marriages. Look at your President. One of my colleagues, a Muslim, is happily married to a Hindu. I gather that they celebrate each others’ religious festivals.My favourite example: the president of Botswana is the son of an Englishwoman and a Bamangwato chief.

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Sorry @HTDC my dear, you were merely one of the steps to my dominance over Fluther. I hope our white bread overlords can see my use to them, and will spare my life.

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Without intermarriage of the races, the gene pool will stagnate and we will have nothing but morons running around teaching each other why they shouldn’t intermarry.

Was your science teacher’s parents also brother and sister?

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why is everyone assuming that the teacher is white? I know it’s a shocking concept, but it’s not only white people who hold beliefs such as this.

Anyways, if I ever marry my SO we’ll be a white male/asian transwoman couple, which would probably make your teachers head explode. Which might be a good thing.

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@syzygy2600 Well, duh, only white people are allowed to teach! That’s like asking why you’d assume a doctor was a male! Gosh

Actually uh.. nobody mentioned a specific race in relation to the teacher. I don’t know why everyone’s assuming that we’re assuming the teacher is white!
However, @tinyfaery assumed the teacher was a “she” and @lucillelucillelucille assumed the teacher was a “he”.

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@Sarcasm the comments about white bread and whatnot seem to be making the assumption the teacher is white.

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Does this mean you live in Mississippi? (link compliments of Simone_De_Beauvoir)

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Interracial marriage is very ok. It is actually good for the human species to diversify genetic makeup. Inbreeding is what causes genetic problems. Technically most of us are more mixed than we realize. A lot of people have at least a little mixed ancestry somewhere in their geneology. I would bet a fair amount of money that your teacher has a little mixed ancestry of some sort.

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Oh why shalt thou worry @Sarcasm? Our white bread overlords will have a “plan” for you to sort out your “dominance issues” and by “plan” I mean you will be subjected to days of whip-lashing by our mortal enemies…the brown breads.

Not quite sure what was happening with the Elizabethan language at the start there…

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@Lightning Your science teacher should answer the phone… the 1950’s are calling and want her/him back. I think they said something about asking the teacher to bring some white linen with him/her because they are running short on material to make robes and hoods, whatever that means. ;)

I am in an interracial marriage and have not identified any maladies accompanying it other than the few morons who are still like your teacher.

If you think about it, genetic diversity strengthens the species whereas limiting genetic mixing weakens it.

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Tell your principle or super intendant what your science teacher said.

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@syzygy2600 Yes, I think quite a few groups are against the idea of marrying outside one’s race—Korean and African American are the two that spring to mind right now. Not all, but some. I do encounter many minorities that are virulently against interracial marriage.

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Obvious troll is obvious. If this teacher is for real he needs to die in a fire.

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Actually mixing races is healthy. Increases genetic diversity.

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@HTDC I have noticed Fluther’s sarcasm flux being on the high end today as well. I think this question is raising it to critical mass.

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@Arisztid What can i say? The people love me!
Another quality I’m sure the superior White Bread can appreciate.

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@Sarcasm I think you are in like Flynn.

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@kyanblue I’ve personally met both black and Chinese people who are against race mixing. But this is Fluther, so anyone making ignorant statements is automatically assumed to be white.

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@syzygy2600 But this is Fluther, so anyone making ignorant statements is automatically assumed to be white.

When the statements are race related, specifically statements that infer some sort of “problem” involving minorities, I’m OK with that assumption.

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tell your science teacher that he is flat out retarded and he probably got his diploma as part of a carnival prize.

not only is it ok, it is good. diversity in couples makes for good diverse DNA, and thus healthier and stronger kids. the less diverse the DNA the more chances of the kids being born with disabilities and other problems.

interracial marriage is good and healthy and that is a scientific fact.

as has already been pointed out, this guy should be out a job. if i where you, i would seriously think about believing anything else he ever tells you again.

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@FutureMemory but we’ve already been through this. It’s not only white people who have a problem with race mixing. If you don’t believe that, I don’t know what to tell you.


I don’t see anything wrong about it people loving each other so much that they want to spend the rest of their lives together. I am beyond the race thing. It’s the loving part that matters to me, and if it makes two people happy together, who am I to say that it’s wrong? My sister is happily married to a handsome German fellow, and they got the cutest little boy and girl. The boy looks like his Dad, with blondish hair and greyish blue eyes, and his little sister is like her Mom, with dark hair and eyes. If my sister never married that German Nazi (lol——just kidding!) I wouldn’t be blessed with a wonderful nephew and niece! I love my brother-in-law because he’s such a great guy, and I wish all the races would mix and produce great kids like theirs. Lol.

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@syzygy2600 I know, I didn’t say the assumption is always right. I would say it’s correct more often than not though.

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Ask your science teacher if it’s okay if people do an interracial marriage if they’re gay?

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@syzygy2600 With America being some 70+% white and the general education level of whites being higher than non whites, there is more of a chance that an unspecified teacher is white.

I agree with you that it is not just whites who are against race mixing. There are people who do not believe in it in all ethnicities, and some cultures are noticeably against it in general.

I also do not believe that whites have any higher percentage per capita of racists than non whites. I think that, if such a study could be conducted, the percentages of racists vs non racists would be pretty equal in America.

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I was curious and bored (I am also OCD and this was bothering my OCDness).

Teachers by ethnicity are available via the US Census Bureau. I cannot send a link to each page and it is a bit of a bear to get to it but if anyone wants to know, I shall tell them how:

Elementary and middle school teachers: 82.3% are white/non Hispanic
Preschool and kindergarden teachers: 73.9% are white/non Hispanic
Secondary school teachers: 86% are white/non Hispanic

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I’m with Captain Fantasy here. Just yes.

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Uh does anyone really even notice interracial marriage anymore??? It seems normal to me, who cares? People should aspire to be like anyone that can love another person, love is whats missing these days more than racial intolerance. same thing with same gender marriage. If they can make their marriages work out, then they are a million steps ahead of me, who are we to judge or tell someone who they can and cannot love???

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In my opinion there is only one race…the human race. So of course.

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Yeah, what the hell is wrong with your teacher?

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What?!! Of course it’s okay!!!
I don’t suppose you could find your teacher’s cell phone number and post it here for us, could you?

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@loser yes I totally agree with you

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@DominicX- are you serious or being glib?

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Either one of two choices is true. Either your teacher said such provocative things to make you think. Or your teacher should be kept at least 100 feet away from students. I don’t understand how a science teacher could say such things, even to provoke discussion.

I bet the teacher also says that the earth is less than 7000 years old and that “Intelligent Design” is based on science. Either way he needs to be reported to the principle and school board.

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So-called ‘interracial marriage’ is fine, and as others have said, is a genetically healthy practice.
Intercultural marriage, now that has the potential to get ugly.

@Ron_C There’s nothing wrong with a Creationist approach to beginnings.

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@Nullo “There‚Äôs nothing wrong with a Creationist approach to beginnings.” really… a science course?

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Really. They use the scientific method, after all. They just use a different paradigm.
Considering the massive quantities of speculation on the part of the more mainstream of our more historically-inclined sciences, I don’t see how this is much different.

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Waa waa…

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@Nullo Creationists may use scientific terms but any science they use is lazy science. Their god is the “god of the gaps” as described by Dawkins. Whenever they can’t see a scientific explanation for something, they just say god created it that way and stop looking. Creationist and I.D. people are less than honest and earnestly try to delude themselves and others. I cannot respect any of their conclusions and those conclusions definitely don’t belong in any science course.

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@Ron_C I wouldn’t be so quick to call them lazy liars; there are many sorts of Creationists.
Unlike yourself, I feel that no science that rejects all of the possibilities that do not conform to its own evolutionary dogma belongs in any science course.
Looking at history, I’ve seen Science™ about-face too many times to assign too much weight to any of its declarations.

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@Nullo I didn’t mean to call them lazy liars. What I mean was that their science was lazy. As for the liar part, they probably believe what they say. They are self deluded and all they have to do is look at real facts.

The thing about science, its nature is to admit mistakes and establish and test alternate theories, The point of the creationists, especially, is they accept everything they hear as fact. Questioning their self-derived “facts” is agnosticism. They believe that they will end up in hell for changing their minds.

There is no way for belief to be on the same plane as science. They are philosphers, not real scientists.

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That is ridiculous…
I think they are absolutely fine.
I think it’s sweet if two different looking people date. I think it shows they’re more mature than the ignorant, racist people in the world.
It’s 2011, shouldn’t we cut this racist stuff out..

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By older brother tried to tell me this in 1988. I didn’t listen, and now I have a grandson who would be called hispano-afro-sloveno-irish-nativeamerican-ese.

I’m surprised that I didn’t see this thread four years ago!

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