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Meta Question: What synonyms can we devise for the "privatefacilities" part of jeffgoldblum's moniker?

Asked by janbb (55292points) March 12th, 2010

This was inspired by a quip on another thread. Penguins just want to have fun. What else can we call ‘em?

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(Where’s jjmah when you need her?)

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Do you mean something like jeffgoldblumsjohnson?

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Oh god, my dumbass name inspired a question. :o

Well, I won’t spoil the mystery, speculate away!

And don’t ask jjmah, her mind always goes right to the gutter. Hehehehe.

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LMAO! @jonsblond How did I not think of that?!

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I was looking for jjmah’s quip but it wasn’t where I thought it was. I think hers was soemthing like jeffgoldblumsstickandtwigs.

I’ll contribue jeffgoldblumsplatesofmeat which isn’t dirty but sounds it.

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WC de JeffG

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Doublevay Say de Jay Gee.

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In my house we always used the phrase “lower unit.” It’s actually a term that refers to boat motors.

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I always imagined privatefacilities was a euphemism for something a little more ’ male’ shall we say…

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I love everything about this…

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YAY! When I first saw the question I was bummed out because I enjoy my own mental image and thougt it would be dispelled by something less grand. But happily it will always remain a mystery!

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@Adagio That’s kind of where I was going with it; it’s fun to see everyone else’s ideas.

@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities You’ve talked about “simplifying” your name. See we’ve done all the work for you! :-)

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@Dog I’ll never tell. :)

@Seek_Kolinahr Made me laugh uncontrollably. GA!

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Seth Brundle’s wacky home where his “work” is accomplished?

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@jjmah Thank goodness you finally came home. I was waitin’ for you, girlfriend. Glad you had a nice weekend. Too bad you missed Chuckie Day.

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What did I say, @jjmah‘s mind always goes right to the gutter. ;p

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities And you were right down there to read it!

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jeffgoldblumsprivategutter, apparently.

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@CW You could spare a moment from your party to come over here?

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Are you kidding? I had to spare some time. I get claustrophobic. Maybe that’s why I have been such a colossal waste of potential: it saves me from large crowds of well-wishers. (I think I have a huge appreciation for the late J.D. Salinger.)

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Wait! CW has a party going!? I am missing out! Off to seek and party!

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@Dog It’s a great one.

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