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What songs could i use in Romeo & Juliet for acts 2, 3, & 4?

Asked by crazy_twilight_chick (200points) March 12th, 2010
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Prokofiev’s Romeo and Juliet suite is killer.

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I would say anything from sappy movies like Titanic :)

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hehehe. umm ok. i have to do this stupid prject & its due this tuesday!! for act 5 im using “Join Me in Death” by H.I.M. & for act 1 im using “Remember the Time” by Michael Jackson. what do u think?

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Check out the soundtrack from the ‘96 movie. You might be able to incorporate some of the songs.

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I’m not into Shakespeare, but I believe that after listening to some music by Editors (Here is a new album) will give you something to use. Very bleak, peaceful electronic music.

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Romeo & Juliet has a lot of violence—fighting, killings in the street, arguments, conflict—and spends relatively little time on romance. Don’t look for something peaceful if you want to convey the mood of this drama of love, hate, courage, deception, tragedy, revenge, and remorse. (@Andrew is right, Prokofiev pretty much nailed it.)

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Benny Hill theme.

For all of it.
Hilarity ensues.

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For when Romeo sees Juliet or the balcony scene use “Hey Juliet” by LMNT

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