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Can anyone give me a few new exercises?

Asked by silverfly (4045points) March 12th, 2010

I don’t have hundreds of dollars to spend on a trainer so I thought I’d ask Flutherites. I’d like to get a good list of exercises that work all muscles without using machines and preferably not laying down… it’s just not natural. Lunges are a great example, but I need more if you have the knowledge.

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Planks-elbows underneath the shoulders, body rigid with neck inline with spine, pull your navel toward your back. Basically hold position and use your ab and back muscles as opposing forces. 60 sec. on/off for 3 sets will kill you. Do 30 sec. with better form if you can’t.

Squats, dips, pushups and pull ups are going to be your core exercises as far as compound movements go.

And if you want to hurt, done correctly, sissy squats (they make you whimper like a bitch) effectively work the whole upper leg.

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@coogan What are sissy squats?

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Just watch the kids on the playground, and do what they’re doing.

Run (sprints, more than long jogs)
Climb the monkey bars.
Throw heavy things.
Crawl around on hands and knees.

Play Ultimate Frisbee with a few friends. That will pretty much wipe you out cold. ^_^

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I just “play” on my exercise ball and wobble board while hanging out whit the hub and watcking tv. It’s a subtle change, but I have, over time, improved my balance, strength, and core. I have a place that I store them in my living room so that they are handy and don’t get too dusty!

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@Seek_Kolinahr Good idea. I need some friends. :)

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@KhiaKarma This is helpful too. We have a ball, but I’m wanting to work arms and legs too.

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The best exercises mimic what you do in real life. Go for a run, do push-ups balanced with lifting free weights face down, do sit-ups balanced with planks, throw a sack of concreting powder over your shoulder, then the other shoulder and back again. Just remember that whatever exercise you do must be balanced with something for the opposing muscles, or you will risk injury.

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@silverfly I do pushups using my ball as support I move the ball closer to my ancles, laying plank style in order to make them more difficult. It works out my stomach muscles too. The wobble board works your legs, you can do lunges or spin and jump with it (if you’re brave and have practiced). Plus, it really strengthens your ancles which will help you in other exercises too.

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Great suggestions everyone. I’m sure you’re all as fit as they come! :) Keep em’ coming. I think I’ll print this page.

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Bench press your cat or dog.

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My cat is fat enough.

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@silverfly: Then perhaps he should bench press you.

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My husband was a drill instuctor and one of the best excersises I’ve ever learned from him for your lower abs was for you to lay on your back.
Put the palms of your hands just under your waist line. (not on your waist but slightly under to support your lower back, close to your rear.)
Now you need someone to assist.
Put your legs straight up in the air and have someone grab your legs and push them down to the ground as if tossing them both.
They can do this by tossing them slightly to the left, right or center.
(make sure they aren’t really strong or this will go wrong. LOL)
Every time they toss your legs, you must stop your legs from hitting the ground and bring them back up quickly.
You will feel the burn quickly so don’t over do.
Do three sets of 8 to begin with.
Its fun and quite the work out.
Great core strength excerise.

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The 12 oz curl is very nice ;)

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Agreed with @seek

ultimate frisbee is absolutely killer

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