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How can I mix my vitamins with water, and still get every drop of the solution without losing any of the vitamins to the glass?

Asked by Ltryptophan (11920points) March 12th, 2010

When I put my vitamins into water or juice their always seems to be a small amount left in the glass that I mix them in. If I continue to add water to the glass I eventually get most all of any trace amounts left in the glass, but it takes a while and a lot of drinking. Since I take these vitamins often does it matter that I miss these small amounts?

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Have you tried using a blender?

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Can you just put the vitamins in your mouth and wash them down with water? That would pretty much make sure you’re getting everything.

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If the vitamins are lquid, take them sublingually.

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You could get crazy and use a spoon to stir what settles on the bottom and chug that. I doubt missing 5% percent of them is a big deal since vitamins are bullshit anyways if you have a semi-healthy eating pattern.

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It’s not a big deal if you miss those small amounts. I would just fill the glass up with water once and drink that and leave the rest.

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add a minute amount of water swirl and drink.

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If you want all the vitamins in your system, it’s far better to just swallow the pills with water.

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land Actually, that’s not accurate. Liquid vitamins are much more easily absorbed than pills, because with pills, the digestive system has to dissolve them before they can get any use at all. For those of us with digestive issues in the first place, liquid is the way to go. Second choice is capsules, then tablets.

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How long is your tongue? You could lick it.

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I take a lot of powdered supplements, too, and I’ve been resigned to losing a bit of them with each glass, since I’m not willing to drink three cups of water to take a tsp of powder three times a day. However, your question got me wondering if there’s a better way.

What if you tried putting a dab of peanut butter or some other nut butter or even jelly or jam on a plate, and making a little depression in it with your finger or a spoon? Then you could empty your capsule or pour your powder into the depression, wrap the powder up in the dab of whatever it is, and use a knife or spoon to scrape it off the plate and into your mouth. Seems like that could maybe work…

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I pour the vitamins into my mouth first (making sure I pour a bit more than the original dose) and then take a large gulp of water.

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@Maudie GA thanks! Thank all of you.

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