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Linux users: Do you run without a GUI (such as X)?

Asked by haegenschlatt (122points) March 13th, 2010

Currently, I’m running a laptop with Ubuntu Desktop Edition (so there’s a graphical frontend). I also have an older machine running Ubuntu Server with no GUI, only the terminal. Which do you use? Why?

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While I may be nostalgic for the CLI, I’m too lazy to relearn all the syntax properly, and I get tired of MAN every 10 minutes, so I use a GUI. Of course, some things you have to do from the terminal, so I just run an instance of the terminal when it’s necessary.

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I have a friend who runs BSD who says he’d never want a GUI. He would even prefer a commandline interpreter to “opendoor -l:frontdoor -p:AFF04 -r -now -9” as opposed to just grabbing the handle.

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Well I’m relatively new to linux, so I am learning all the commands and syntax as much as possible. I think I’ll need the GUI for a good bit longer.

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I use Ubuntu as well. I have no intention to learn to use it without a GUI. Why would I?
I’ll use a terminal whenever I have to do anything that’s more practical to from the command line. But most of the time the GUI is just more convenient.

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I many be a little curmudgeonly, but I’m not a masochist. I use the GUI for most things and only open a terminal when I need to do something tricky.

Still, I believe that every computer user should know at least the basics of the CLI for their OS of choice, and if the OS lacks a CLI then it isn’t really an operating system.

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I really, really prefer using the GUI. I only use the command line if I happen to be programming and use Git for version control, but I haven’t done that in a while.

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