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How do you get an annoying song out of your head?

Asked by maudie (363points) March 13th, 2010

I have a tendency to absent-mindedly hum or sing. My husband and I work together, and sometimes when I do this, I unfortunately pick a song that my husband finds very annoying and also has an impossible time getting out of his head. I just did this a moment ago with the internet meme song “Love Marriage,” and hubby’s mad. Any suggestions on how to get this earworm out of his head?

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Pop one of his favorite cd’s into the stereo, one you’ve heard him sing along to.

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Counter program another song.

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Just click here or here.

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Listen to a really great song that will stick as well.

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I usually sing the offending song really loudly. For some reason that will get rid of it.

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When I have a song stuck in my head, I just listen to it. Seems to work for me.

Or listen to this.

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Sing Yellow Submarine. It’s the anti-stuck song.

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I go into a room where no one can hear me and sing it five times loudly, with all my heart. That usually takes it away. If it doesn’t, I’ll just repeat this process until it is purged from my brain.

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What @MrsDufresne said. I usually have to sing it out loud just once though, and I generally don’t go away, I figure if I have to listen to it, everybody else can just suck it up too.

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Usually, I have to sing the entire song if I want to get it out of my head. But if the earworm song is annoying enough, I’ll just try to think of an equally catchy, good song to sing instead.

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Try listening to white noise for about a minute. It cleanses the mind of crappy music like Sorbet clears the palate. Here is a site for white noise, just relax and listen to it:

Hope it helps!

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Put on some music and sing a long. That works.

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If you listen to it, your dreams become reality, your minds favorite thing, and you purge the need for your head to play it.

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Give me that fillet of fish…give me that fish…Huh, what was the question?

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don’t think of it, just take it as it comes…
it will go away in the right time.

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Try to replace it with something slightly less annoying….. or if its a song by Katie Perry you may want to think about cutting your own head-off.

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