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Does anyone know of an inspirational site that is great for daily living?

Asked by Just_Justine (6486points) March 13th, 2010

I do realize there are a lot of sites that are inspirational, but I am looking more for an interactive site. Fluther is a great inspirational site for example and so is Flylady which I have just joined.

I am thinking of a site where perhaps there is an interactive forum or just beautiful ideas for daily living. It can be Christian or none Christian as long as it is uplifting. I recall one such site “Soup for the Soul” but I don’t think it was interactive. If it is easy to use it will be a bonus!

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I use this one. Not interactive but great choices.

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@YoH that is lovely ty :)

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Not sure what you mean by interactive inspirational site…But there’s It’s about the best there is in my opinion. Pastor Frangipane has weekly messages, a chat room, and message board, among other attributes. I love it.

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@jealoustome that site is awesome @snowberry thank you love it

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thanks @YoH, I love quotes!

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Free vids, podcasts. A veritable smorgasboard of inspiration. Just pick the ones whom you find most uplifting.

A really eclectic selection. Something for everyone.

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I subscribe to a newsletter called Spiritual Wealth, and I love it. The writer is an investment guy who decided that he wanted to start writing about investing in your LIFE, rather than worrying about trivial things like accumulating money. The letter comes out periodically, probably once a week on average. You can read the current and past issues at the link above.

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I love Joe Cartoon! I laugh my ass off, even at some of the old stuff I’ve seen plenty of times :)

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Notesfromtheuniverse..daily humorous notes (with profundity ) also…

Peterspearls :-)

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@nope loving this site

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I love getting ’ notes from the Universe’ daily.

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