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My son is going to his Eagle Scout Board of Review. What next?

Asked by majorrich (14711points) March 13th, 2010

My son finished his Eagle Scout award and has enough merit badges for a Palm. Do people generally do the presentations separately or wait and do them both at the same time? I may be putting the horse before the cart, because he still has the board of review to meet, but mama wants to plan.

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Congratulations – that’s quite an accomplishment. Probably both at once.

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What a wonderful accomplishment for your son. Both of you must be very proud.

So you have a contact number for his scoutmaster? He would be the one most familiar with all the rules regulations and possibilities. Sounds like he may be a good resource for details and guidance.

When you have all the facts from someone really in the know, you can then make the decision best.

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Putting the horse before the cart is exactly the right thing to do.

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Oops. Wife unit pointed that out to me. Colossal failure. Except my pride.

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@majorrich – VERY COOL!

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Why on earth are you using Chuckies pic as your avatar ?

Very confusing, to say the least ?

Is today Universal Astrochuck Day and I just missed the memo ?

Wha….... ?

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