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Can you name someone, or a group of people, who don't get the recognition and/or respect they deserve?

Asked by syzygy2600 (3326points) March 13th, 2010

I’ll provide two of my own:

Billy Mitchell. In 1999, this man completed a perfect game of Pac Man. That means playing through 255 levels, never dieing once, never missing a single dot, energizer, ghost, or fruit. That’s six hours of concentration and making all the right hand movements – a feat that has been compared to surgery. In my eyes that’s a lot more dedication and skill than shown by sports people who make millions for throwing a few balls through a hoop or net.

Professional wrestlers. Everyone decries it as being idiotic and “fake”. While it may be scripted, it’s harder than any sport. There is no way to fall and have it not hurt. Many MMA fighters have tried to get into wrestling because they think it will be an easy way to make extra cash and end up dropping out because they can’t handle the pain. Rey Mysterio is 33 years old and has had six knee operations and yet continues to perform. Jimmy Snuka is 65, can barley walk, and yet sucks it up enough to still dive from the top rope on occasion. In my opinion these men and women deserve far more respect and credit than they are given by the general public.

Who do you think deserves more respect?

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Garbage collectors. put yourself in their position for 30 days. think of the rotten smells that come with their employment. think of the rodents and dogs that interfere. think of their clothing each night as they go home. the worse smells of the earth are there. think of their shoes and whats collected on the bottom and taken into their house.

The only other occupation that might compare to garbage collectors are septic tank cleaners. now, they really have a _____ job.

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^ great answer

Good teachers, foster parents, stay at home parents.

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2nd Answer: i realize that your question specifically pinpointed wrestlers and their injuries. i look at that occupation, this way: they made the decision to become wrestlers and they knew the hazards that came with the job. i knew the hazards of being a police officer and i took it on the chin and just accepted it. same goes to wrestlers and all over occupations. bottomline is that we knew the hazards and have accepted them. end of story.

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Teachers! They are largely responsible for the success or unsuccessful of the new generation. They are responsible for passing on the knowledge we have now, so the new generation can build off of it. It’s a heavy burden that carries huge impact. Yet, they’re barely paid above minimum wage in most cases….go figure.

We pay football players way more. And they entertain us…

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Everyone that doesn’t follow what is socially acceptable and mainstream, but is doing something productive. You only get recognized if you’re willing to “play the game”, and some people just aren’t.

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Billy Mitchell is a self aggrandizing douche. He appreciates himself enough. Big deal if he makes hot sauce and is good at 30 year old games.

The real unappreciated people are police, emergency services and any profession featured on Dirty Jobs.

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@john65pennington Garbage collectors. put yourself in their position for 30 days. think of the rotten smells that come with their employment. think of the rodents and dogs that interfere. think of their clothing each night as they go home. the worse smells of the earth are there. think of their shoes and whats collected on the bottom and taken into their house.

Not to mention the danger factor. Imagine getting stuck by a dirty needle or shard of glass.

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@john65pennington Yes, pro wrestlers are aware of the risks and chose that path for themselves. I never said they didn’t. My point is that MMA fighters, who fight maybe three times a year, are respected by the general public and wrestlers who work, in some cases, 3 or 4 matches a week are not.

@Captain_Fantasy 30 year old videogames are far more challenging in areas like hand eye coordination, pattern recognition, and memorization than any game that’s come out within the last 20 years. Billy’s shtick is clearly an act and just a part of his persona. I find him hilarious.

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Busboys and dishwashers… as part of a fine dining establishment or even casual eateries, these folks who clean-up and make sure that the next plate that the Chef serves their dish on is squekly clean; the table that the next set of patrons will be seated at is ready to be served on. Often I see cooks ansd servers treat these people as 2nd, even 3rd class citizens. They get paid minimum wages, with no opportunity to earn tips.

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Leonhard Euler In the 1700’s he advanced the sciences so much and was so forward in his thinking he’s all the proof I need that space aliens visited the planet. ;-)

From wiki: “Euler made important discoveries in fields as diverse as infinitesimal calculus and graph theory. He also introduced much of the modern mathematical terminology and notation, particularly for mathematical analysis, such as the notion of a mathematical function. He is also renowned for his work in mechanics, fluid dynamics, optics, and astronomy.
Euler introduced the use of the exponential function and logarithms in analytic proofs. He discovered ways to express various logarithmic functions using power series, and he successfully defined logarithms for negative and complex numbers, thus greatly expanding the scope of mathematical applications of logarithms. He also defined the exponential function for complex numbers, and discovered its relation to the trigonometric functions.”
He developed the equation called Euler’s identity, called “the most remarkable formula in mathematics”

One smart guy! Aliens. Yep, It had to be aliens. Humans are just no that bright.

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@njnyjobs you really hit the nail on the head there. I was a dishwasher for four years in my teens. The worst were the servers. They carried themselves like they ran the place, but half the time while I was busting my ass they’d be sitting around the back bullshitting.

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The guy responsible for collecting all the dirty, sweaty, used up diapers those fat sumo wrestlers parade around in.Respect to that, pewwwww what a stench.

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Str8 Rippin they need to be reconized.

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Honestly, farmers. I don’t mean large scale agro-business corporations, I mean your local farmer who works on his land himself. Especially because of the growing trend of smaller farms being bought up by larger corporations, I have a lot of respect for the guy who sticks it out and does things in a more conscientious, low-impact way. Often, these farmers have to take out huge loans in order to purchase all the supplies necessary to cultivate a crop, and still are at the mercy of weather, weeds, and pests. As if that wasn’t enough, if they are able to successfully produce a good crop, it may be hard to sell, because the bigger companies can afford to sell for much cheaper. It’s a tough gig, and it’s only getting tougher.

A few years ago, for school we got to take a trip to a local organic farm. It was one of the best learning experiences of my life. I got to see a true “family farm” and the knowledge that had been passed down for generations, coupled with a growing interest in more sustainable methods. This guy was truly amazing. For instance, instead of spraying herbicides on his crops, he would take the time to learn the ecology of the problematic weeds, and adjust his crops as necessary. He would rotate out the different crops he planted and the fields they were in, to knock out the competitive edge of the weeds. He would also use steam to kill weed seedlings, instead of spraying chemicals. He had even invented several tractor attachments to help get rid of weeds in a low-impact way. It was truly fascinating. This was just one part of the unique way his farm operated.

He then went on to explain how he managed the business side of things. Things started out slow, because he couldn’t compete with the lowest prices. However, when some of the bigger companies would have late shipments or spoiled foods, grocery stores would call him to fill in. Pretty soon, he started to develop a reputation of quality and dependability, and was able to develop some full-time contracts. Also, his food was frequented at farmer’s markets, and local food co-ops, and his farm grew in popularity. It was truly one of the most interesting and informative experiences I’ve ever had, and it changed the way I look at food production and consumption.

Wow, I’ve really blathered on and on here.

So yeah, I have a lot of respect for smaller, local farmers who use low-impact, sustainable methods, and have an intense knowledge and passion for the land they work on. It’s too bad they don’t often get the respect they deserve.

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I think Social Workers should probably get a nod because I believe that many of them have caseloads that are above and beyond what is reasonable. They have to witness stress and strife and turbulence in relationships and famillies while trying to assist and be mediators while attempting to maintain an even keel in their own lives also. That can’t be easy.

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I think waitstaff in restaurants don’t get the respect they deserve. First of all, these people are working their asses off to bring many different people their food on time and they are on their feet all day and they don’t get paid very much because they are expected to get tips. Second of all, people who treat anyone in the food service industry are just stupid. That waiter you just insulted could spit in your food or perhaps put other interesting things in there that would not be pleasant.

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Waste management and elimination was one of the cornerstones that allowed Rome to expand and thrive as it did. Waste management employees of all walks of life are owed a deep debt of gratitude.

@worriedguy : So Stephen Hawking is just a remote-control puppet made by aliens to implant better physics and whatnot into the collective of us shaved monkeys?

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Practically everyone thinks that their own group or some other group they favor (or they themselves, of course) don’t get the recognition they deserve. Let’s hear from someone who says, “My group is overpraised! We get too much recognition. We’re good, but we don’t deserve so much attention. No more awards, thank you. Let others have their turn.”

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Also, autistic people that aren’t Rain Man. We’re a growing demographic, and can’t be ignored in the workplace just because we aren’t Mr. Public Face Man or so talented we can solve all your financial or network problems in an hour.

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Forest rangers and hot dog vendors.

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@lucillelucillelucille : Second the forest ranger.
@Jeruba : I’m a member of a group that fixes school networking and computer problems for free. We get too much recognition, and some recognition should be shifted back to the in-school staff that make education an everyday reality. I just have a tendancy do not talk about what is working right.

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People and groups who advocate for veterans.

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People who volunteer their time and energy to help others deserve more respect than they get.

More of us should find a way to volunteer.

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All of humanity needs more respect. Us consumers fail to realize that working people are stressed, exhausted and cannot carry anymore debt. Developing nations are dependent on us and they can barely survive on frightful wages(and soooo much more).They are paying back loans to the worlds wealthest players, when that money could be used to implement basic social services. Those same players are exploiting humans for profits and we just say okay! I think ALL HUMANS deserve more respect.

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