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Will the Coffee Party trump the Tea Party?

Asked by LostInParadise (25387points) March 13th, 2010

A new political movement has just started, calling itself the Coffee Party Without going into the separate politics, how does the name Coffee Party compare to Tea Party? Granted Tea Party is a pretty stupid name to begin with, but having a Coffee Party makes that even clearer. Tea is British. Coffee is American. Tea represents the problem. Coffee represents the solution. The connection of the Tea Party to the current movie Alice and Wonderland with its mad tea party will also do damage.

Do names make a difference? Of course they do. Companies pay huge sums of money to get the right name. The name Tea Party is in part indicative of the lack of thought that went into its organization. It may make some small difference in this year’s elections. Expect it to fizzle out by 2012. The Coffee Party, on the other hand, bears watching.

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I read your question not once, but twice and i am still confused.

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You’d have to get up early in the morning to trump the coffee clan.

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Sooner or later it will.

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The Left is coming down to their level…and the name of their group sounds like a rip off from the Tea Party. By the way, coffee isn’t American….its also British. Personally, I wish the cups of both parties would crack so we could have normal Democrats and Republicans again…politics were easier to understand before the teapot dumped boiling water on the the elephant’s (and donkey’s) tail.

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Huh, I thought your question was very clear.

I’d like to believe that the content of each party will determine its success rather than its marketing. Fringe groups and zealots have not had much success in American politics historically that I can think of. I don’t see this going much differently for either group.

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The Tea Party obviously had never heard of the phrase “teabagging” otherwise they’d have likely chosen another name to identify themselves.

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We can only hope.

@Captain_Fantasy lol4rl!

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Please tell me that you are not unaware of the origin of Tea Party, ie, the Boston Tea Party

“The incident remains an iconic event of American history, and reference is often made to it in other political protests.”

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i love tea parties.

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@ArtiqueFox It does not seem as if either political party is doing a good job of representing the country. I am hoping that the Coffee Party will galvanize a grassroots movement. It could be helpful in rousing voters and candidates even if it never runs a candidate.

@plethora I know about the historical significance of the Tea Party. The problem is that tea is no longer relevant in America. We drink coffee. Once again conservatives are living in the past.

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All I wanted was a Pepsi…

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Will there be teabagging at this party also? Somebody ought to bring a camera.

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I think Tea Party is a reference to the Boston Tea Party The beginning of a revolution against the British government and taxes they levied, or something like that, going from memory, history is my worst subject. I did not read the wikipedia, just providing it for you. Anyway, the big push of the tea party nowadays is less government less taxation, so it makes sense.

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Oops…just realized @plethora had pointed out the same thing I just did. I should have read the thread.

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and the ballerina dived into an ice cold pool of chocolate

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To answer the question better. I don’t think Tea Party is a stupid name. I think Coffee Party is a clever way to get attention, knowing that the Tea Party is getting attention, seeing both beverages are utilized similarly. I don’t think either will become a “third party” that can compete with the Dems and the GOP.

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@nikipedia : Beta is structurally superior to VHS, but VHS won because of advertising. The Sega Dreamcast was years ahead of its time in terms of technology, but died off due to mishaps in marketing (and being the platform today’s console hakers cut their teeth on). The maker of the world’s most popular UPS started out making top-tier technology, unmatched by its peers, and nearly went bankrupt from customer apathy – so he made the cheapest, most useless piece of shit money and sweatshops could make, sold it for $20, and when he advertised this fact his business skyrocketed. Advertising is everything, and much more important than footnotes like an actual agenda or product/intellectual superiority.

As for the Coffee/Tea standoff – Coffee is a lot more experimental, what with those -chino spinoffs and all that are popular with those kids today, but Tea is really entrenched and not unwilling to show some innovation from time to time…
Oh wait, you’re talking about political parties. Whoever looks hotter, more servile, and has better advertisers, wordsmiths, and corporations in their back pockets, will win.

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@LostInParadise Oh excuse me. I had no idea tea was no longer relevant in America. Should we inform Lipton and all the other makers of tea who sell zillions of dollars of it here? Should I and millions of others stop drinking it? Should I get the word out to every restaurant and fast food joint in the country to stop serving it? If that’s the line of thought you’re taking, I won’t waste my time on anymore comments on this thread.

It ain’t about the beverage Big Boy, it’s about the EVENT in 1773. Smarten up.

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@JLeslie Great minds…:) I couldnt figure out where this guy was going, so thought I would point him to the actual event. Apparently, he has his own dream theory going.

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I equate Coffee with Columbia and Brazil, not America.
America would be Coke.

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@filmfann Haha. Me too.

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A Coke Party? Not a good name.

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Coca-Cola mmmm….it’s the real thing.

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No. It wouldn’t have anyway with only 20 percent of Americans being Big Government-lovers. And especially not since it was learned that the founder of the coffee party worked for Barack Obama.

By the way, is it really a solid criticism of the Tea Party that they weren’t aware of certain deviant sexual practices? Why all the name-calling?

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@Storms It is a sexual practice, but I am hesitant to refer to it as deviant.

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