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Which of your five senses would you say are most defined?

Asked by ucme (46570points) March 13th, 2010

You may have perfect eyesight or be able to hear a pin drop.Perhaps you’re a very tactile person or have a nose or a taste for fine wines & quality foods.Conversely of course any one or even more of your senses may be deteriorating.Failing eyesight etc.This would result in any other sense being more refined kind of by default.

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They are all equally well defined by their names. Only joking! I would say as a musician my hearing is the most refined sense I have.

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I’d definitely have to say that my hearing is the most defined. Well…either it’s really defined or the walls in my house are super thin, because I can hear my room mate talking even when their in the back yard. But sometimes I feel like my hearing might be the first thing to go because I play my music so terribly loud.

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It used to be my sight, but time has done a number on it. So now, I would say my sense of smell is top dog.

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My hearing is the most refined, with my sense of touch next.

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Sight and hearing are in tip top shape! The eye of an eagle and the hearing of a dog!

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@ZEPHYRA So you’re a kind of golden retriever,excellent.

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sense of time
My hearing is horrible and I wear glasses(bad eyesight); however, I am a visual learner and if I hear something clearly, I’ll remember it for a long time. I’ll remember time.

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@Barnaby Yeah I actually had refined & changed it,still works as a synonym kind of.Joke away, all humour is positively encouraged here.Cheers for answering.

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My sight. I’ve always had a horrible sense of smell, and I’ve recently sort of damaged the hearing in my left ear. Also, I have no affinity for really discerning a range of tastes for good foods & beverages from mediocre ones or poor ones; in my mind they fall into a simple good/bad category (the only exception is coffee). So, my sight is my best sense.

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I’m really good with all of them. But recently I’ve lost the efficiency of my sight that require me to wear optical instrument.

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My touch or my hearing. Pick one. When someone walks in the room, I can feel the pressure change & the slight lack of oxygen. And I can hear my girlfriend’s pulse when she’s a few feet away.

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My hearing is my best sense, although I’m also very tactile. My worst is my eyesight – it’s actually bad enough to classify me as visually disabled.

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My sense of touch I suppose, I wear glasses, and I’ve lost the high tones of hearing. I guess I have a good sense of smell and taste as well. I can taste that horrible sour cream stuff mixed int dips, etc and I know a good beer.

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My sense of decency.

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Sight.If I lose it,I am in trouble.

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Hearing…. i can hear my parents at night all the way from across the house.

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My vision is really, really bad but my sense of smell is like, bionic. I’ve always been really sensitive to, and impacted by scent. I guess I like this. I can get lenses to improve my sight but scent, you can’t get help for.

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@Cheeseball451 What are they doing? XD

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@Cheeseball451 What do you hear them doing?

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My sense of touch. I am very very tactile. My mother used to go crazy with me touching everything in the house. Now I touch other things. Other far more desirable things…:)

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@plethora Oh behave! Yeah baby yeah.

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@ucme It’s a curse….:)

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@plethora You touch your mummy’s desirable things? ;¬}

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@ucme Only her desirable items around the house. Problem was I was always picking things up and just feeling them.

But I also have a very well developed sense of direction.

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