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Am I wrong to find the premise of this movie insulting?

Asked by holden (8442points) March 13th, 2010

In lieu of this conversation, I started thinking about the recent blockbuster release She’s Out of My League. Every time I see the trailer for this movie (I see it often) I have to turn the volume on my computer off and focus on something else. I object to this movie because it seems to imply that a woman is only as good as she looks, and because the woman starring in this movie is an attractive blond she is automatically “out of the league” of every average-looking guy in the world, based on nothing other than her looks. It’s a complete rehash of all the age old stereotypes about women, catering to an audience that already places an over-inflated value on physical appearance. How about a movie that actually challenges the status quo when it comes to equating a woman’s worth with her “hotness?”

(I guess I also feel personally insulted by the implicit statement that, since I’m not as good looking as the chick in this movie, I’m definitely in the male protagonist’s lead.)

Am I taking it too personally, or is this movie as insulting as I’m making it out to be?

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its just a comedy movie. I think you are reading too much into it.

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If that insults you, then you must get offended by 562893 other movies and television shows as well.

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Well I am sure the movie will end with some message that being out of someones league means nothing, and only true love matters. they all end like that.

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@Vunessuh actually, I am normally the last person to take offense at something.

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No, you’re not wrong, you’re opinionated like all of us. This movie is the mental equivalent of popcorn. It wasn’t made for people that think, and movies that make people think don’t make as much money as these.

That being said, the human is not an egalitarian animal. She, by our current standards, is seen as more deserving of the gift of life and ease and priority within life because she’s better than the army of half-trolls that drool over or are jealous of her. The ubermensch/machden is not an empty concept.

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I love you. I totally agree.

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There are so many movies out there that have irritating premises like that. I personally got really annoyed at the movie House Bunny, which (from what I gathered) was about a former playboy bunny who helped a sorority full of “geeky” girls learn how to get guys. Puke.

I don’t think it’s wrong at all to find those kinds of movies insulting. They are insulting.

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It is insulting to anyone with intelligence and a little understanding of the differences in the sexes we’ve been discussing. Actually, it’s really sad this is what the film maker and the writer wanted to come across.

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You are completely right. Thankfully, there are a lot of men who also think these stereotypes are BS. People that buy into this stuff are not worthy of your attention.

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It’s just a silly movie and I’m sure by the end of the movie they break it down into some PC lesson for the masses anyway. He learns a valuable lesson blah blah blah and really doesn’t need the hot girl yada yada yada. People have a real hard time with reality. Young guys, or actually all guys like hot chicks until they realize there’s more to a woman.

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@SeventhSense : Exception: I like hot chicks AND know there’s much more to women. Especially if they’re bright, charming, emotionally and philosophically complex bombshells.

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What’s unfortunate is that movies like this spend 99% of the movie reinforcing sterotypes and 1% of it breaking them.

These movies aren’t targeted at folks that can pick up on the sarcasm, etc., but at young, not-as-worldly, viewers.

My 2 cents.

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Nah, you’re not wrong. Like other people have said, the movie isn’t made for people with brains. I was immediately irritated when I saw the preview for the first time. There’s a reason I tend to avoid most comedies made anymore. (I hated He’s Just Not That Into You for similar reasons.)

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The tag line, by the way, is “How could a 10 go for a 5?”

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@holden: How do I know where on the ten scale I fall? Is there a test I can take? I’ve been wondering how to evaluate my self-worth for a while and it sounds really convenient to be able to sum my entire identity up in a single number!

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Also can a 10 go for a 9? An 8? Or only other 10s? Is there a rulebook somewhere?

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I get what you’re saying, and I also get that Hollwood is a strong player in shaping our thoughts. They are in a catch-22, though I loathe to say it. If they acted totally responsible in the movies they generated, it would be a vanilla world. Too, it would significantly decrease their income for no real reason, which is counterproductive to what a business is all about. It would be like Gateway Computers no longer making thier produt because people get carpel tunnel and eye strain.

It befalls each person to remember that Hollywood does not misrepresent itself as an entity with a conscientious bent toward fixing the ills of a given society. To the contrary, they are strictly entertainment, and should be taken no more seriously than that. Whether this piece of fluff movie existed or not, it is up to each individual to treat others with respect. I dare say that parents being poor role models creates the most damaging contructs of the ills seen within our societies.

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When the guy gets the girl people will smile.

BUT if this movie were about a women trying to get a powerful wealthy man people would say she was a gold digger.

So be insulted.

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@nikipedia : I’d place you at 8.5 – 9. Your pic looks good and from your profile it looks like you have a very sexy brain ^_^

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I’ve only seen this trailer once but I actually felt the same way. It’s not even as though I was “reading too much into it” either, because I wasn’t trying. I wasn’t trying to be offended or to find a reason to hate the millionth shitty romantic comedy that Hollywood’s produced. I just felt that way.

This is my general reaction to most Hollywood movies, though, whether romances or comedies or action movies or whatever. I find they’re always insulting something: my sexuality, my sense of right and wrong, my intelligence….

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As someone who is out of most people’s leagues,I see your point !! : P J/K
You are going to get a lot of politically correct answers (e.g it’s what’s inside that counts) but the sad truth is; looks do count !
Society treats good looking people much better ! How often do you see good looking homeless people.

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@Pretty_Lilly is it nice and cozy in that bubble?


I wouldn’t let a silly ol’ movie bother you! There are so many movies that are annoying and send the wrong message that one would go insane if he/she harps on them too much. For me, 98 percent of the films out there today are stupid. I try not to let their stupidity get in the way of my intelligence and logic. :)

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@holden ,,,Yup & there’s no room for you !

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I agree. Plus it’s so boring “that story line” that it just makes me want to .. wait .. ooh yyyaawn yawn!

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It’s just another stupid movie ;)

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Yes you are wrong, it’s only a movie. Get some fresh air and live a little.

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I don’t think you’re wrong to be offended. That movie looks like shit.

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Let’s just say there are people who see it that way. A little shallow than normal, especially when it comes to making films, an easy story so easy to relate. But remember its just a movie, dont let it bother you too much.

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I agree with you @holden. You make a lot of very good points.

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Well, just look at it this way…she may be superficially out of everyone’s league temporarily. Everyone gets older eventually. And anyway all that stuff is baloney. How you look matters…but if you aren’t a kind person the whole thing is rotten.

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Well that’s what I meant.

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It’s a movie. Don’t watch it. Don’t let it ruin your day. There are plenty of people who recognize that looks are not everything.

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What’s amazing is that we have an entire industry that is committed to the objectification of men and women that the public sinks billions into every year called porn but we’re going to worry about a vanilla movie. How about the outrageous nature such as the internet phenomenon two girls and a cup, a man pissing in a woman’s mouth, kids documenting violence against each other and dangerous drug use. I’m sorry but this movie is less controversial than Happy Gilmore.

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She is super hot, and he looks like a young Billy Bob Thorton (who used to be married to Angelina Jolie, who is super hot).
Anything is possible.

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I understand why you find the premise insulting, but I look forward to seeing this movie.

Being a guy who has had little or no chance with “hot chicks”, I get a kick out of seeing movies where the nerdy or socially inept guy “overcomes”.

It’s probably as realistic as Eddie Murphy controlling a bar full of rednecks (48 Hrs), but it’s entertaining nonetheless.

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The premise is shallow and outdated. That does not mean it won’t attract an audience. That is unfortunate but there are too many people who don’t give much thought to the underlying and foolish assumptions of a movie pot.

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Dont worry mate, I’m sure there are plenty of ugly birds out there who’d go for you :)

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