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What do you think of the 'Gabriel Stone'?

Asked by Keysha (2622points) March 13th, 2010

I was watching a show about this today, and found it interesting. It seems it is a stone from about the time of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Wiki link

It has sparked a controversy because of one, single, unreadable letter in Hebrew. If it is one thing, it shows that someone hailed as a Messiah was raised from the dead after 3 days, a few years before Jesus was born. If it is another thing, it shows nothing of the sort.

What are your feelings about it? If it does show this, does it disprove Christianity?

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Here is a more scholarly discussion of the issue. I don’t have a particular axe to grind on the issue but this article implies that at least one scholar is pretty clear about the disputed word.

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All have to say is that prophecies always have a way of coming to pass when it’s politically and economically convenient, and the the hearts of the crumbling Roman empire, and by extension their purses and swords, were ripe for the picking – all they needed was the Audacity of Hope. sound familiar?

It doesn’t prove or disprove it one way or another, just that the Jewish Nation has an old tale that a man will be born that will have the power to make everyone stop picking on them.

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@janbb There are a lot of scholarly links out there, thank you for that one. I just did the wiki to give people a general idea.

@Fenris I’m not Christian, I just watched the program and was interested in the implications to that religion, if it turns out to be what the one scholar thinks it is.

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Its implications will do nothing to the religion, because it’s based on blind faith, as all deity-worshiping religions are. you could tear its foundations out all you want, have the Logos himself return and say he’s for gays, that we got it all wrong, and that the Red sea was split with alien technology his forefathers recieved from aliens, and people would just call it a lie, hoax, or the Devil’s doing, and still worship the same ideas.

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Well…I have a giant pink candle that melted into the shape of a penis on my deck last summer and contains an image of the virgin Mary. It’s true…only shared with a few close friends, the world is not ready for this profundity! lololol

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Christianity is based on blind faith, not fact.

If it requires proof to be valid, then it is on very shaky ground.

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And what if that’s what it means? It wouldn’t be the first myth to have suspicious amounts of elements also found in the story of Jesus, and all the other ones didn’t topple the church either.

I think the most we can hope for is that this might make the Christians consider the possibility that Jesus was born a few years earlier.

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@Coloma is it absolutely required for you to be so rude? You could express your displeasure in a polite manner rather than the route you went.

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@Fenris I’m sorry you are so negative towards the religion.

@Coloma Thank you. My first question on this site, and I shall not ask another. Not with this kind of reply.

@Dr_Lawrence I agree with that, but I still wonder if it will have an impact on the religion.

@Fyrius If you looked at the link, you would see that it was not, could not, have been Jesus. It was a slave, they know his name, and he was enslaved in the area of the dead sea.

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My sincere apologies to those that were offended by my humorous interjection.

I am new here myself, so I will pay attention to those that are not as open to a bit of inane interjection. Not intended as anything other than a bit of silliness. While I very much enjoy philosophical musings I also beleive that ‘God’ has a brilliant sense of humor. ;-)

One mans humor is another mans rudeness. And so it is.

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No need to apologies to me I thought your “humorous interjection” was hilarious ;-) Lol….
Good on ya!!! ;-)

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