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Creative presentation about Dracula?

Asked by Jack3090 (94points) March 13th, 2010

I need to make a creative presentation about Dracula; what can I do to keep my classmates interested in the presentation and have them understand well the subject?

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shows clips of the movie?

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Retelling the story by glorifying his vile actions is old hat. Why not offer it from the possible viewpoints of those whose lives were touched by his barbaric actions? What must the local villagers have felt? You could consider and debate that, and perhaps, depending on the age of the students, consider the fear and physical sensations of those whom he killed. It would be awesome to do a mock psychological profile. Again, how that is presented depends on the age of the students.

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Retell it by including undead cyborgs, virus-enhanced genetic mutation, and possibly his having a base on the moon where he keeps Elvis prisoner for his entertainment.

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SI would suggest starting with the historical person behind the legend, Vlad II Dracul, also known as Vlad the Impaler.

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Learn about Vlad III (Vlad Tepes… “Vlad the Impaler”) and incorporate how Bram Stoker used this person as a basis for his novel. Tell how Vlad Tepes would make the fictional Dracula run away in fear. Read up about Vlad Tepes and you shall see that it is true.

Tell a bit about his real life, how he was the first person in known history to use psychological warfare very effectively. Tell about his atrocities but also tell of the reasons behind them. Tell about how he spent his youth in Turkish dungeons but impressed the Turks enough for them to release him… their folly. Vlad Tepes took what they taught him in those dungeons, distilled it, and used it against them.

Make it a mix between the real man and the mythological Dracula. If you dug into the story behind the real man, trust me, they would be riveted to their seats, their attention completely on you.

I have a deep respect for the man and, if you wish, I can give you some sources to read from. He is considered both a hero and a devil in Romania to this day.

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It took me a bit of digging (I thought I had the link and could edit it in but did not).

Here is my favorite website about Vlad III. That is a 9 page article about him with 1 page of references. It goes into his family, how they were slaughtered by the Turks, why he was given to the Turks as, basically, a political prisoner, into his psychology, into enough of the history of his time to understand… and more. There is much more to his story than is in there but there is only so much you can put on 9 pages.

It is a crime library but, if you read that, set aside the bias one gets from crime libraries and read the story.

If you feel like really being creeped out, read that website’s article about Elisabeth Bathory Yeesh… that woman gives me the willies.

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Prepare the presentation in 3D, such as 3D pictures in a powerpoint or convert some old film clips to 3D. You can get 50 3D glasses off the internet for only $20. You could also find them at other places like Fun Services if you need them by Monday or similar.

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Oh, I sould add, the software you need is Anaglyph V1 , its free. You can also search Free Anaglyph Maker.

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I agree with Philis, perhaps you could start by a concept in the book which I found to be almost as important as Dracula himself; him being given a life and “definition” by what the people involved with him felt. Much of Dracula’s character was drawn through the fear and love of the characters which related to him, even when he wasn’t present.
I personally found that awesome, it must be a very difficult feat to achieve when writing a story about something that doesn’t exist.
The book highly dealt with emotions and social subjects, from lounge room brandy swigging to Dracula’s speech to Harker about his family history.

But it might be too complicated to do and not very interesting for anyone who actually hasn’t read the book, so maybe you could just change all the characters for anthropomorphic animals.


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Do your presentation as Van Helsing. Outline the dangers, and display the weapons (wooden stake, garlic, mirror, holy water, crucifix).

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@Symbeline That would not serve Dr. Moreau’s ego very well. Perhaps he can throw Dracula and the good doctor in a room together and let them duke it out? We need a betting pool like, right now!

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@phillis Haha yeah. You know I read an unofficial sequel to Dracula called “Mina” where it takes place after the events in Dracula, and where Mina succumbs, once more, to another vampire. (Plus the succubi from the original make a comeback.)

It might be interesting to throw John and Mina in a betting pool too…I mean he must be getting pretty pissed off from being cock blocked by his own wife so much. XD

Kinda like Super Mario constantly having to rescue Princess Peach 5849302 times a year.

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Mina’s a whore and has no mind of her own. The best thing she can do is get bitten and be rewarded for being a good follower. Basically, it’s a role tailor-made for Winona Ryder.

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Yeah. Lucy was so much cooler.

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