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Do you think people should do what they want, or what they can, do?

Asked by Soubresaut (13695points) March 13th, 2010

Let’s say you can do something very well, but you feel nothing for it. No accomplishment, no fulfillment… but you’ve been told you could do good in the world if you pursued it. Should you?

Or let’s say you really have a passion for something. something else But you’re not so sure whether you can do as much good there? Or aren’t sure how good you are in that area, just that you love it. It loving it enough reason to do it? To go further with it?

Do you think people should worry about what they can contribute, or what they enjoy? Is what you enjoy what you’ll wind up contributing? Or what you contribute what you wind up enjoying?

Is it better to follow your heart?

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You should do what you enjoy.
Perhaps do what you’re good at, even if it’s not as fulfilling, until you can become as good at what you’re passionate for.
You gotta pay your bills and sometimes that means doing something you’re not too fond of until you can invest 100% of your time and energy into the one thing you love and make a living at it.

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I’ve been told by numerous people and offered their labs to do biological research because I’m ‘made for it’. I don’t think it’s for me even if I am very good at it. I can have the PhD if I wanted but I’d rather look at fields more broad than science.

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I’m not convinced that it has to be one way or the other. Why not both, if one is so inclined to consider the benefits others could receive from it? It isn’t practical to have two full-time jobs, of course, but otherwise, it’s doable. A lot of people do stuff all the time that they don’t like, only because it benefits others. Parental duties comes to mind. Might as well be paid for it whenever possible.

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Listen, I’m a rockstar at computers – but I hate it. I’d love to make money as a musician or something, but realistically it ain’t happening. Do what you can to pursue your passion, and make a buck when you must.

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They should want to do what they can do.

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Follow your heart.Life is too short :)

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@DancingMind if everyone just did what they enjoyed, we would be plageued with all kinds of diseases. That is just one example. But that is not to say people who improve the world don’t enjoy what they are doing.

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Do both. You can’t be so constrained by time that you only have the time to do one thing, do you?

In fact, don’t just do both of those things, but do more, too. Because you can, and because you’ll want to.

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I do both. I’d rather be doing what I enjoy than what I’m good at. I don’t even believe I’m good at it; it’s so easy. But I do it and people like what I do.

I’d rather be writing and making music and dancing all the time. I’d like a practice like that. I’m also addicted to giving advice—mostly, I think, because it gives me a chance to tell stories. Which is all I really want to do. Too bad it doesn’t bring in any money. But fuck it. At least I’m doing what I enjoy.

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Of course,as long as it’s rational and harm no one.

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Either way. You can’t go wrong.

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Do what you are passionate about. Not everyone has a passion. If you don’t, do something that is at least satisfying.

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… and if you can’t find passion or satisfaction, then go for the big $$$, and you can rent some satisfaction from time to time.

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Do what makes you happy. Being miserable is… um… miserable.

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@MacBean some people aren’t happy unless they are miserable. I could give you a list.

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A little of both provide what you want isn’t harmful to someone else in some way. As far as I know we only have one life so one should do what makes them happy and if its in your power to help some other people along the way then why not do that as well. No harm no foul. :D

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@MacBean I am sometimes on @CyanoticWasp‘s list.

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@wundayatta So am I, now that I think about it.

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I can do many things so I have choices. Some of the things I’m told I’m better at, those things I pass on only because I have choices. If I didn’t and I had responsibilities other than myself then I might make a concession.

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