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Where do forest rangers go to "get away from it all?"?

Asked by Vunessuh (16709points) March 13th, 2010

Somebody enlighten me.

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Walmart during Xmas season.

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Drive around LA?

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The Urban Jungle !
and “Nudie Bars”

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I keep trying to come up with something to say but… This is a very good question, however, I am extremely one track minded, and amidst all the ideas I may have on the subject, what keeps coming back is that…well, due to such expended periods of solitude, isolation and lack of social interaction, they probably slip away from sanity and eventually become psychotic mass murderers, killing innocent hikers, kayakers or campers with tasers and carbines and then mounting their heads in their creepy lodges while they keep taking orders from their grandfather’s mounted Dyrebear.

Or probably not, but that would make an awesome horror movie.

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Or maybe they all become alcoholics, then go to the local bar and make a nuisance of themselves by talking about Sasquatch, giant fish and cannibal tribes they may have come across.

If I was a forest ranger I’d be doing that anyways.

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@Symbeline Pssh, way to go for the most obvious answer. Think outside the box a little, Ok?

Jk, you cracked me the fuck up! :)

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They wouldn’t need to get away from it all because they would be working their dream job. sorry I can’t come up with a joke here, I would seriously love this job. ga’s everyone

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I’m surprised nobody has said the beach.
Perhaps an amusement park.
GA’s all around. Thanks for your answers.
I feel enlightened.

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Hey, I got it! Three words: Vegas, hookers, cocaine.

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Indeed, and where do people who live in Hawaii go on vacation?

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@_bob : Vegas, baby!

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@hawaii_jake I’ve wondered that as well. Perhaps Alaska.

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@Vunessuh and @_bob : The #1 destination for people from Hawaii is indeed Las Vegas, and our favorite place is the older section with the older casinos like the California, etc.

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@_bob and @hawaii_jake LOL! So is Vegas the opposite of paradise?

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@Silhouette Hi, honey. :) Now would that be this definition or perhaps this #1 one?

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@lillycoyote : HaHa. Yes, that’s where the angels from paradise go to get a little demonic. Remember, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Then we all come back to our little grass shacks on the beach.

@Vunessuh and @silhouette : In all seriousness, I have a friend who is a forest ranger in New Mexico and recently did some work at Carlsbad Caverns. She seemed to enjoy herself a lot. I guess the change from the mountains to the cave did her some good.

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Trash can world.

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@Vunessuh Hey you! Does it matter? Delving deep into a crevasse looking for slippery shit.

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Luxury hotels. Or day spas. Or massage places.

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@hawaii_jake O.K. Well that explains a lot. Like why you all live in grass shacks. It’s because you’ve lost all your money in Vegas. Better to stay in Hawaii, I think, and sell cheap touristy crap to the tourists than to go to Vegas, where you are a tourist, and get taken, if you ask me. You guys know the game, but you go there and get taken in anyway. I guess what’s good for the goose is good for the gander, as they say… well, as someone says that, but not me, I never say sort of thing. :)

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They go to the great plains to get away from all the trees.

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Hehe. Ranger.

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the bar in the local town…or the big city?

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If I were a forest ranger, I would go scuba diving in tropical waters to get away from it all.
The last things I would want to do to relax would be to go to some filthy, overcrowded and noisy city.

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@rangerr Yeah, I actually thought of you when I wrote this question.

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The woods. The “it” they need to get away from here in NYS is a horrendous beauracracy and a state government that’s run like shit.

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