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Help on convincing mom to let me transfer?

Asked by vaunvaun (12points) March 13th, 2010

I’m a freshman that goes to Queen Of Peace Catholic High School and I want to transfer to Chicago Academy for the Arts but I have a feeling my mom won’t let me. She choose this highs school for me without even asking for my opinion about if i liked it or not, she planned it all alone. I’m not happy being there, I feel miserable there because it’s no fun at all and I really regret my mothers decision. I have passion for art and I would be really grateful to be there. I just wish I can make my own decisions once in awhile without being scolded for no one reason. My cousin who is 30 graduated from there and didn’t like it either. I just don’t want to remember my high school as nothing I wanna have a good time and meet people who share the same talent that I can relate to and I’m interested in drawing by the way. Im sure there is no difference in the two schools.I live on the south side and the school I want to go to is in the West side. They both are private, highly educated, and appropriate choice. I want to know if you have any advice, tips, comments and answers on how to convince my mom to let me transfer because I wanna go there so bad it would be a life changing experience. I am very sorry that’s is question is long but I ‘ll really appreciate it if I have as much answers as possible. Thank you

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Why don’t you start out by asking your mom if you can transfer? You will never know for sure where you stand until you ask. Ask her, and if she says no, come back and maybe we can help you.

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If you were my son and you expressed your feelings to me in this way, maybe with a little more emphasis on the passion and a little less on the fun, I would take you seriously.

If there are any other factors, such as location, parent organizations, affiliations, etc., that might make a difference to her, don’t bother to list them for us—just have your own answers ready for her. Also make sure you can mention a successful graduate or two.

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Maybe their student recruiting dept would have some materials for you to give her. They’d be glad to have her money your attendance.

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I would say persistence and trying to state clearly to your mom why you are unhappy at this school and feel you would do better at the other school. Parents try to do what they think is best for their children, but believe it or not, they really don’t want to make their children miserable. When I was young our parents sent my brother and I to a private school because they though that was what was best for us and it took both of us quite a long time to convince our parents that we were absolutely miserable there. But yes, don’t nag your mom, but be persistent. Try to get your position really, so that you are negotiating, not nagging or complaining or demanding or any of those other things that parents are resistant to. It’s kind of what Jeruba said, but less concise. :)

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Dude, I had this problem in HS. I’m sorry but you aren’t gonna transfer. Just wait ‘til college. It’s such a blast you will wonder why you ever gave a $h!t where you went to Highschool.

Once she’s decided you can’t transfer, that’s just how it’s gonna be. She’s mom.

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I went through that too. I went to an arts high school. I really hope you can convince your mother. Show her examples of famous artists and how successful they were. Tell her how much this would mean to you and it would show you how much she loves you. Good luck!

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Have you even talked to your mother? Honey, that’s the first step.

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As a parent, I would be more inclined to take you seriously if you could show me examples how the students at the Academy of Academic Arts have an edge, and if you take the initiative to get yourself accepted into the school before you ask for permission. That would show me 1) that you really want to go and 2) that you are talented enough to get in. Otherwise, you could go through the whole bit with your mother, and then have them not accept you.

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I’m wondering if it is the Catholic aspect of the school that your mother is attracted to… if your family are Catholic it may be important to her that you attend a Catholic school… if that is the case and if a Catholic faith is important to you perhaps your argument about changing schools might be strengthened, at least in the eyes of your mother, by reassurance that you will attend some kind of Catholic youth group or Sunday School or whatever you would enjoy and your mother would approve of… just a thought. Talking with your mother is a really good place to start although I understand if you want to be forearmed before doing so.

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Sounds like you need to have a good conversation with your mother. Find out what she thinks. If you have really good academic reasons to transfer, perhaps she will be more inclined to listen to your position.

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