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Why is my conventional radiator making noises?

Asked by Mariique (60points) March 6th, 2008

The radiators in my room are making weird noices – it sounds like somone i knocking behind the wall. The knocking varies in speed and duration. My room is the only one in the house that has these noisy radiators. Does anyone know what the knocking is and how I can make it stop?

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Have you ‘bled’ the radiator any time soon? Sometimes air builds up in the radiator. In order for the radiator to stop knocking, you need to bleed the water through, to get rid of the air pockets. There should be a little ‘key’ that you can use in the valve to bleed the air through. Of course, this is assuming that you have water radiators (as oppossed to steam).

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I’ve tried that. There is a little knob I can turn on one of the radiators (the other one is broken). I’m not sure wheater any air came out but I drained about a cup of water which I thought was enough. It didn’t work though…

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Hmm…you know. I don’t know. I think there is a way for a radiator to knock if it is incorrectly mounted, and that would be something I think you’d have to get someone to come and look at it. Sorry, I can’t offer any more suggestions.

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Thanks anyway :)

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Have you tried the thermastatic radiator valves? Need to go to a real hardware store where there are knowledgeable people and ask about it.

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