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To my fellow gaming jellies out there, what's a good source for custom gaming supplies?

Asked by KatawaGrey (21433points) March 13th, 2010

I play a couple trading card games and I see a lot of card sleeves with large breasted, half naked women. Some are tasteful, some are tacky, some are offensive damn, couldn’t keep up the alliteration but that is not the issue. I would love to have my own set of sleeves, maybe even more than one, with a sculpted, nearly naked man or group of men of my choice on them. If possible, I’d even like a matching deck box. Can any of my fellow gamers direct me to a place I can get custom sleeves?

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I found this website:

Unfortunately, the site say’s that this service is coming soon… If you can wait for this site to open, it might be worth it.

I did a WhoIs lookup for the domain. It was registered on 23-Jan-08, and last edited on 26-Nov-08, so it might be a lost cause.

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How is this in meta?
Just out of curiosity…

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@MebiByte: Yeah, I saw that site. I saw somewhere else that the site had been “coming soon” for quite a while so I’m not counting on that one.

@dverhey: No idea, but it’s been since put back in the regular questions section. :)

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