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How long can you last in rain forest?

Asked by Your_Majesty (8212points) March 13th, 2010

This question is made to see your capacity and your level of adaptation in nature. Lets say,that,you’re given a bottle of water(200ml) and a hand knife,and somehow they leave you alone in a strange rain forest. So,how long will you last in this rain forest?,and what is your strategy to survive?

(Please be creative,honest,and reasonable).

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First of all, who are “they”? I might want to use the knife to subjugate him / her to be my rain forest bitch.

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There are too many undefined parameters in this question.

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@syz true… one of the undefined parameters is “How far are you from the edge of the rain forest?” If I can walk a half-mile or so to a town, highway, ocean shore, etc., then I will not have “lasted” very long in the rain forest.

I’m still wondering why I need a water bottle in a rain forest. I’m trying to turn the thing into an umbrella with the knife and some creative carving.

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Let’s say that I am a member of the Yanomamo tribe. I would say there’s a good chance I would last the rest of my natural life, barring accidents.

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Can this rain forest be like Endor?

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Are there any chickens in the rain forest? I really like chicken.

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@CyanoticWasp Lets say that they’re your unidentified kidnappers(they leave you alone in the middle of the rain forest and you won’t find them anymore).

@rangerr Any strange and wild rain forest you like.

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Can someone give the exact prediction of time(day,week,month,etc) for the accuracy of this question please?

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11:54 PM, Saturday, 13 Mar 2010

But that’s not a prediction any more.

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As long as this rain forest is like Endor, I will last there forever.

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Given a good pair of shoes, I am confident I could last a few months. Walking barefoot through the undergrowth would easily lead to infections and death. Water is easy to come by in a rainforest, and food wouldn’t be too difficult either. The knife would help to build a good shelter, and it would be possible to survive until some or other nasty (tarantula, some or other snake) decided I had encroached on their territory.

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@CyanoticWasp LOL thanks! but I meant how many days,week,etc. But hey today is march 14,how could you survive at time before you even arrive at your first day?

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Some rain forest aren’t that big. Since you didn’t name the rain forest I assume I maybe able to walk out of there in a day. So my stategy is to walk out and find the nearest town and get back home and never hang out with the people who left my butt behind.
Good lesson to learn about getting drunk among strangers. LOL
Being its a rain forest, I am sure I can find some fruit to eat along the way and rain forest always have clear drinking water.

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In all honesty, probably not very long. I spend a lot of time outdoors, and I’ve done my fair share of camping, and have even taken a wilderness first responder class, so I consider myself a least slightly well-versed in some wilderness survival techniques. The major problem in this particular scenario is the lack of a fire making tool. Now, we are allowed a knife, which could possibly be used to help start a fire, but this is very, very difficult. I’ve tried it several times, with no success. So, I don’t see my chances of making a fire in this scenario to be very good. Without fire, I really don’t have water. Granted, some water is allowed, but 200ml is not very much to depend on, especially in a rain forest environment with high temps, where I would be sweating heavily. Without the ability to boil more drinking water, I’d give myself only 2–3 days. (If I was allowed a flint and a good pair of hiking boots, I’d up my chances to a week or so.)

That being said, here’s what I would try to do: First of all, find some high ground (a hill, mountain, or tree) to get a better sense of my surroundings. If I saw a town, village, or any signs of settlement, I would head that way, taking several stops along the way to reassess my sense of direction. If I didn’t see any signs of development, I would look for rivers or coastlines, because these are areas where settlements are most likely to occur. I would work my way along the rivers edge or coastline until I hopefully came upon a settlement. Getting to an area with people and resources would likely be my best chance of surviving the scenario.

Also important: I would do my best to keep dry (not swimming across a river, or doing my best to avoid rainfall). Getting wet could be a quick way to lose body heat (it’s cold at night even in a rain forest), which could be detrimental in this type of situation.

I hope I never have to put any of this to the test.

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One hour. I’m a city girl. Now,where is my Prada….

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities If I get stranded, I hope you’re there to keep me alive.

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I can’t wait until we get to the part of the Q that asks if we have any objection to eating other humans.

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As long as you avoid sleeping.

Might wake in the jaws of a Jaguar or the coils of a constrictor or eye to eye with a Cobra.

I just survived hiking in the mountains of Taiwan…whew!

Bamboo vipers, Banded Kraits, Chinese Cobras,’s not about what YOUR going to be eating! lolololololol

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@rangerr You bring the tent and beer, and I’ll bring my outdoor skills. :)

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities If you dig deep enough through the debris on the forest floor, you should be able to find some sand or small pebbles which would be enough to start a fire with a few pieces of bamboo. The biggest problem with starting a fire would be finding dry brush to get the flame going. I didn’t actually think of fire when I answered – a lot of my hiking has been in alpine areas, so the streams have water pure enough to drink straight out of anyway.

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I told my friends I was going to find an Opium den to prepare. Asked my insurence if they would consider an Opium overdose as an ‘emergency’ aide to a viper bite! lololololol

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The knife will allow be to use available plants to build a shelter using vines or strips of bark to braid into ropes.

My main concerns would be the ability to make a fire to boil water, the dangers of large predators, poisonous snakes and insects, and the risk of injuries from falls or cuts from using a knife for so many mission critical purposes.

I could construct a bow to spin a piece of wood against a notch in another piece of wood. I could probably collect dry tinder and with those things make a fire. By using broad leaves to funnel rainfall into my bottle, I could collect more water. That water could be safe enough to drink but I would prefer to boil it if I could.

I would have to make some kind of vessel in which to boil water and cook food.

If clay can be found, I could fashion a pot and fire harden it.
Gourds can be used as vessels as well.

If my 200 ml bottle is metal then I could boil water in that.

Tropical rain forests typically have fruit trees that would provide fluids, fibre and carbohydrates.

By carefully experimenting with beans and seeds, I could identify ones that are edible and safe.

If there are streams with fish, then I could devise a net by weaving fine strips of bark together.

If I have good footwear, I could probably survive long enough to follow streams and rivers down to the sea. I might find human settlements along the way.

This all does not sound like a great deal of fun but I might survive long enough to find my way out of the rain forest.

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Not even a split second! The sight of a rain forest insect would send out of there light a bat out of hell!

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Is there potable water and food in this hypothetical forest? If so, until I die of old age or a predator outmatches me in battle.

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Having watched many episodes of Man Vs Wild, I would say I could last a while.

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I would simply ingratiate myself with a band of apes and be taken into their care. I would last forever.

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With proper training several decades. Maybe you confused rain forest with a desert.

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