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Can I get in trouble with the mods for flagging a mod's response to a Q?

Asked by CyanoticWasp (20070points) March 13th, 2010

I prolly should have asked that before I done it.

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No. Mods get modded too.
Ben and Andrew have both been modded as well.

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^^ As @rangerr says.

We are under the same guidelines as everyone else.

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They don’t mod me. If they mod me, I get depressed and commit suicide. I’ve already done it twice. No. Wait. The second time I died wasn’t because of being modded. Oh well. But I digress. I don’t even answer the question.

@CyanoticWasp Buddy. Pal. It’s not trouble you get into. I wouldn’t think of it that way. I would think of it as an attack on my fundamental nature. I would think of it as a questioning of my very soul—my very right to live. But that ain’t trouble. Oh no.

I dunno. It’s probably not healthy, but I grew up terrified of expressing anger. I had to find other ways of expressing my disappointment or disapproval. The mods occasionally make stupid decisions. They also make stupid comments sometimes. You can always try to get your own back when you think they’ve done that.

Personally, I’m not in favor of moderating…. hmmm. I don’t know. I don’t know what I don’t see. But I like to think of myself as an adult—someone who can take a hit and survive. I don’t need to be protected from personal attacks so much. I can see that other people would need that, but I’ve been around. I know that what happens on the internet stays on the internet. And that most people aren’t paying much attention to anything I do or anything that happens to me.

It’s a good way to have your ego taken down a bit. Whether or not you ever get modded.

You have the sting of your eponymous avatar. It’s not surprising you should get netted occasionally. (For some reason I just love that word: eponymous—it sounds so pompous). But don’t worry about the mods. I don’t know what they’re excuse is. Could it possibly be that they are human?


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@wundayatta wow. What an answer to what was essentially a throwaway question. I loved the thought that you put into it.

But for the record, I flagged a mod’s response (containing a typo) on another thread… after the mod told us (in the response) that we should flag for typos. So I nailed it. (We’re still friends, aren’t we, @Dog? Nice @Dog.-gie Woof.)

(It does surprise me, sometimes, given the directness bluntness? of some of my responses, that I don’t get modded much at all. Maybe it’s because I’m such a good typist.)

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Of course :After all- paws are not very easy to type with. ;)

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I’ve even flagged myself for spelling…nothing happened

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@CyanoticWasp You do get, I hope, that my answer was satire? A shaggy dog story kind of joke? Oh well. I have a weird sense of humor. Maybe it was a satire sandwich? A couple of paragraphs of satire surrounding a more serious core? Once again, oh well.

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What an answer to what was essentially a throwaway question
Mr daloon never met a question he could answer in one sentence that he didn’t find better suited for a 500 word essay. :P
Although he is quite witty.

What’s your favorite color?
“Well I always liked blue but when I was a child I leaned towards perriwinkle but then after I saw violet well I was smitten. And then there was…”

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@SeventhSense I resemble that remark!!!

If I knew how to say something in one sentence. I would charge for it! ;-)

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@SeventhSense it was recently pointed out to me—in a very charming way—that “you have such a love of language, a huge vocabulary—and you never let words go to waste from disuse”—or something to that effect. (I think her actual words were meant more like: “don’t you ever shut up?”)

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@wundayatta after you told me about your first suicide, yeah, I sort of got that your answer was less than serious. Even wit and humor takes some thought now and again—it has taken most of mine for most of my life.

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Wooaaaaa…what is this an invasion of Astro Chuck clones?

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Damn. You cannot possibly imagine how incredible it is reading the comments to this question right now. Manna from heaven, anyone?

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