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How would you spend 4-5 days in Greece?

Asked by acc639 (40points) March 13th, 2010

If you were going to Greece for the first time and had 4–5 days to spend there, what would your choices be: 2 days in Athens plus Santorini? Mykenos? Peloponesus? Would you fly or ferry between places?Any great affordable suggestions where to stay?

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1 day being a tourist, 4 days trying to be a local.

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But which locations, please?

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Athens without a doubt! Peloponesus, an island of your choice(Santorini is a nice choice). A pity it is only 4–5 days. That is definitely not enough to see such a great country. Due to a lack of time it would be better to fly. Ferrying is better, but it will take up so much of your time that you will waste time traveling rather than admiring!

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Eating and chilling at the beach.

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Only 5 days, that’s too bad. Choose an island, relax – enjoy the sea, good food. Don’t run around, just go to one place and completely relax. Santorini is beautiful, you can do that, for 5 days, you’ll never forget it.

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If I change it from 5 days to a week – one day in Athens morning till night doing a hop-on-hop off bus (remember it is blisteringly hot there in July) and one or two days in Santorini; is it possible to get to Pelopenesus from there? I“d also like to take a day trip to Delphi. Can anyone help with the geography please? It’s possible we should toss the whole list of places to see and follow Phoebusg’s suggestion – just do Athens and Santorini and that’s it for the whole week?

Need any help you can offer—Thanks, all!

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Athens and Santorini. And you still won’t have time.

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I was in Greece this summer. Spent a lot of time in Nafpaktos due to family. It is a very nice place to relax with nice beaches and also part of the mainland with mountains nearby. Best of both worlds in a way. Then explored the Peloponnese mainland (well after visiting Delphi), and also went to Olympia. Santorini was a lot of fun, definitely worth it. Although I’d choose a different island for complete relaxation. Santorini requires you rent a vehicle, unless you can put up with somewhat infrequent buses – or are the hiking type! (Very steep uphills).

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