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What did you do when you played hooky?

Asked by wundayatta (58604points) March 13th, 2010

Please indicate your current age and what part of the world you lived in when you were between the ages of 14 and 18. What did you do when you skipped school?

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I have never skipped school; I have, however, gone to the library during classes to study for an exam.

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I’m 67 and I grew up in Denver, Colorado. I never skipped school a day in my life. I had near perfect attendance and only missed for serious illness.

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I lived in a suburb of Montreal when I was in that age range. That was in the late 60’s and early 70’s. I am 56 year old now.

I never played hooky as I loved school.
I did however play hockey, though I was a better student than a goalie.

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Current age: 18
Lived in Northern New Jersey.

Went to the public library, went walking places, got high in friends’ basements, played frisbee, went home and drank iced tea in the back yard, listened to friends play music in basements and in parks, went to the Village, went to diners, pretty much anything.

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I’m 18. Between the ages of 14–18, I lived in the Bay Area, California. And I’m still here. :)

I didn’t skip school that much, just a few times. One time it was actually to work on a project, so we went to a thrift shop to get costumes, went to a burrito place, and hung out at my house working on it. I’ve left during lunch many times, but always came back before 5th period started. Went to Starbucks, whatever we wanted. Another time I just hung out with several of my friends at one of their houses and we had a little party. That’s because it was the official skip school day.

That’s really it; I wasn’t a big hooky-player. I was a straight-A student; I hated missing school for the most part.

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SE USA. Yes, I skipped school more than I’m going to admit. A bunch of us would skip for full days and go to the quarries to swim. Sometimes by last period we were hungry because we didn’t eat the school food, so that meant sneaking off for burgers.

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I’m 20. Southern California.

I never skipped in HS. Also, I only took 1 sick day in all 4 years (I did it in October of my senior year).
In college, I skipped class once. I had already watched the lecture online (The teacher had physical classes as well as online classes, so he records lectures anyway, and uploads them for everyone). I had already seen the video he planned on showing.

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In college I skipped class to go to the beach. It was worth it.


The only time I played hooky in school was when I was in grade 4. School officials “skipped” me into grade 5 because I was doing so well, but I didn’t like it because I had to leave all my good friends in grade 4. I spent about 3 weeks in my new grade 5 class before I realized I was depressed. I was doing good in the new class, but I missed my grade 4 friends dearly. I pretended to be sick for a few days and stayed home from school. While I was playing hooky, I watched t.v. and read a lot. But my scheme was soon discovered, and my parents forced me to go back to school. A teacher literally had to pull me out of my parents’ car to make me go back to grade 5. After a couple of more weeks in the higher grade, my parents and the teachers finally decided to let me go back to my old grade 4 class where all my friends were. I was happy despite knowing that I could have skipped a grade that year.

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i lived in ohio during highschool, and am 20 now.

i skipped a lot during my senior year. i would go to mcdonalds, or sleep in, or just hang out with my friends.

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My mother was a bus driver and knew mine, so nothing.

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slept or watched tv

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I am in the UK. I would never skip my schooling.
If ever we were off school, and without a letter from our parents, we would be given a detention.

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I used to float downriver and fish with my friend, Huck.

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We would leave at lunch to go eat Wednesday 29cent hamburgers at McDonalds. Other times we skipped school then hitchhiked to Nashville to skateboard downtown and the parks. We also frequently ditched school and went to David Crockett State Park and tripped on acid all out in some nature.

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I am 15 and live in Iceland, I really love school so I’ve never skipped school except for serious illness and my parents call the school to let them know;D

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Thats why you forge a note from your parents. Mine always said “car troubles”

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@jackm Who me? Forge letters? Never… LOLL

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Smoked pot. Got drunk.

I never “really” cut school. I got along so good whit the factuality that very time I got written up. The principle let me slide.

I will never forget this. I was walking down the hallway. The assistant principle say me and said, “I have a cut slip on you on my desk.”

I said, “do you want me to go to your office?” He said, “na.” And waived me off.

I also had a permanent hall pass I carried around with me.

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Never skipped school, but i was caught smoking in the boys room and sent home for the rest of the day. my two other friends also were caught smoking. we went to one my friends house and played poker the rest of the afternoon. this is not actually skipping school, but its as close as it gets here.

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I went to HS in the 70’s. I skipped a lot and smoked pot and dropped acid. The only thing I can add in my own defense is that I was not too bright and didn’t wise up about many things until I was almost 30.

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I was 16. Four of us took off one day & went to a town about 60 miles away where there’s the world’s largest outdoor rock grotto. We walked around there, ate, goofed off & just had a fun blow-off day. When my mom found out about it, she gave me a stern “don’t ever do this again” speech, but she wrote me an excuse note & let it go. I’m sure the teachers knew something was up that the 4 of us partners in crime were all gone on the same day.

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@petethepothead You mean one of my secret Fluther curshes has been on an 18 year old? I could be your Bubby (not quite.) I am ashamed of myself.

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I’m 29 and I grew up in northern Illinois – We would usually just skip one class in my senior year at the end of the day, particularly if it was raining, almost certainly if it was storming, and go to a nearby state park. Because we were really cool.

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I only played hooky once, with a few girls in my Algebra 3/Trig class senior year. We went to the beach near the school and hung out for two periods (study hall was after maths) and then we went to Kopp’s Frozen Custard, as lunch was after study hall, then went back to school from there. We didn’t get in trouble because our graduation was only a month away.

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17, NYC
I usually just stay at home to play cs and RA2. I’ve skipped a whole day once just to play golden eye on a N64 emulator. It was fucking worth it
I’ve stopped cutting classes because I actually like the classes I have this year

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Oh, I’m 40 now, and was 17 when I played hooky from my suburban Milwaukee high school.

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21, Michigan.

Never played hooky in HS, we didn’t even have a senior skip day. I’ve skipped many a class in college though, and the reason is so I can sleep.

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@janbb: Awww, how old did you think I was?

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@janbb Hey, he’s mine!
@Sarcasm I told you not to skip class, mister.
I’m 18 now.
In middle school mostly 8th grade, I’d skip and go wander around my town with some friends. We’d usually end up sitting in one of the abandoned train cars and just talking all day. No drugs were involved and it was just a relaxing time. Days total I skipped in 8th grade: 38 according to report cards.

In high school.. I was barely there.
9th and part of 10th grade was spent doing the same train car chats as we did in middle school. We just involved drugs because well.. we could.
The rest of 10th grade I’d skip and hang out with my best friend. We’d mainly play Halo.
11th grade, well. That was skipped due to a stupid, stupid boy. That turned into drama leading me back to drugs.
Total skipped days for 9th-11th grade: 38. We had a Failure Due To Absence policy.

My senior year, they took out that policy, so we had unlimited sick days.
I skipped a total of 83 days.
Most of it, I’d just stay home and sleep. Sometimes, I’d just get bored and walk out of school. The rest of it, I’d just drive past school and go to the ranch.
Senior year was a horrible year for my school. 7 student deaths in 3 months all unrelated and 4 parents all unrelated died in the spring. So I know I’m not alone with the skipping that year. Nobody wanted to be there, but I was one of the 6 students that was on a watch list because of how much I didn’t show up.

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find my bf, leave school, find place to go….ALONE w/ him, & “talk” with him. :D

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@petethepothead I thought you were young but not jailbait!

@rangerr That’s o.k.; I’ll cross him off my list.

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I grew up in Oakland. A group of us would drive down to Kasper’s hot dogs, and have a long lunch. I would sometimes cut and go to the college library, and read Sherlock Holmes or books on manipulation in advertising.

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I am 44 and grew up in a suburb of Los Angeles. When I ditched school my first stop was the liquor store for a Coke and a Watchamacallit candy bar. Then I headed home to get high and watch the afternoon movie on channel seven. Not that I ever played hooky.

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I am currently 23 years old but while I was at school I lived in Somerset, England. I wasn’t a very exciting skiver I’m afraid, usually if I bunked of lessons I would either hang around the local shops or go home (my mum worked full time so wasn’t there during the day.)

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I went school in Northampton, England. 19 now.

We would just hang around in the park drinking beer and smokin up.

Get the person with the nicest handwriting to make you a note.

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ok I’ve never heard this saying before; ‘hooky’ I’m thinking it might mean skipping school…

I am 29. I only skipped school once – a German class and I was being bullied as I always was and just decided not to go this one time..I was just as traumatised thinking that the police were going to arrest me any minute if they found me on the street…

I then went into school and told the headmaster what I’d done I felt so guilty… I was such a good girl! ridiculous

@The_Idler me too!! (obviously not the smoking up part…) which school…?? have we had this conversation before??? :-/

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@Leanne1986 I was lucky with the notes, my dad had photocopies of ready-made signed excuses in a drawer in the kitchen.

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No! haha, well well.

I went to Kingsthorpe Grove, All Saints Middle, Northampton School for Boys.

Y11 at nsb was the most fun i had in my life, but sixth form there was lame as fuck and i skipped half the lessons.

I actually WANTED to go to lessons in Y11 because we just pissed around so much…

ah, times…

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I was born and raised in Northampton – went to Weston Favell Prep Shcool, then moved to Kettering…and that’s when the trouble started… should have stayed near Abington Park!

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WHY? Are you going to tell on me?

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@The_Idler GET OUT OF HERE!!!! Omg!!! that’s amazing!! xx

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In my later teen years I usually skipped whole days of school, or left school gorunds whenever I felt like it to go do random, non constructive things, like smoke weed, drop acid or get drunk offa five dollar bottles of sourpuss. If I had no means to obtain any of these, I just wandered around town until I ran into an acquaintance or friend, and if not, just went home later in the evening.
This probbaly started out with me skipping gym class so I could go smoke cigarettes with the older girls behind the arena haha.
This was in Winnipeg, I’m 28 now. where’s my future at lulz

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@The_Idler – Howdja get up there!? Kudos!

BTW, are you a fan of Tom Hodgkinson’s?

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Playing hooky occured when I got to high school (13–16) and most kids would find friends with a car to load up and go to either the local river or lake. Other hooky usually involved alcohol, drugs and bumming around downtown.

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@The_Idler Holy hell, you are cool.

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I was here in Brooklyn and I guess I just did homework or made out with the track team.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir All of the track team? That must have been some day off!

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@janbb well not at the same time! although…

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Many times to go skiing,
sometimes to go surfing

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I am 41. I was living in Appleton, WI the time. My twin Brother and I had never skipped a day of school in our lives so, our senior year, we decided to. We went to the mall (the first enclosed mall in the US) and played video games. Got and Icey and then went home and watched Ferris Bulers Day Off. The next day we got called to the office. We explained exactly what we did and why and that our mom told us we didn’t have permission but she wouldn’t stop us. They just sent us back to class. No repercussions.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir I gotta ask: Was it relay?

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In eleventh grade in Dallas I wanted to do it just once. Just to see what it was like. So a bunch of us went to the lake and sat around talking. My friend and I got picked up by two cops and they drove us back to school. It was fun. I recall asking the police if they’d like to go “party.” I was just testing them; I didn’t mean it. Just showing off. One of them wanted to but the driver said no way. Happy memory.

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Senior year….went four wheeling. Went to a haunted house in the country. Oh. Wait. In Jr. High I once faked sick and went to the nurses office. Don’t know why I wanted out of class. The nurse stuck me in a room off of her office all by myself, then left her office. Brad Y***** came in (don’t know how he knew I was there since it was in a room off of the nurses office and door was closed…) and talked me into playing a card game of speed. I was sort of freaked out. I was going, “They might have the intercom on!” He said not to worry about it, and apparently they didn’t have the intercom on, and I soundly beat him 3 games (I was the school champ at the time.) I’ll never forget that. (He was REALLY cute!!)

Thanks Brad Y*****

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