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why is my xbox not working

Asked by jpnich79 (4points) March 6th, 2008 from iPhone
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did you get the red ring of death?

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My psychic abilities say that it is offended by your choice in decor. And it wants an egg salad sandwich.

In all seriousness: define “not working”.

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is it plugged in?

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does it have three red lights on the front? If it does microsoft will replace it with a new one for free, if it doesn’t then your screwed, buy a PS3

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If your game playing is as vague as your questions, I would say your xbox hung itself.

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because its an xbox

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Turn it on…

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your xbox 360 could not be working for a variety of reasons. If all of your cables are properly connected and you get three red lights (the red ring of death) you will unfortunatley need to call 18004myxbox (18004699269) and get a replacement in 3–4 weeks free of charge; however, you may be experiencing a disk unreadable error in which it costs around $160 to repair. I would not stand for it and tried good old punching my xbox on both sides and after 2 attempts it works great :D

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