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How has daylight savings time changed your life?

Asked by BabylonFree (208points) March 14th, 2010 from iPhone

We get 1hour less of sleep today as you know and 1hour more of a day light.

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Why do you get one hour less of sleep? Go to bed an hour earlier than normal and you can sleep as normal. I never understood that part of DLST. Oh, and daylight is the same amount of time. Nothing changed but the clock.

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it’s going to be hard to get to sleep tonight because it’s going to feel earlier than usual, and waking up tomorrow is going to suck for two reasons. one because it’s going to feel like it’s 5:30 instead of 6:30 and it’s going to be dark out. the last few weeks it has been light in the morning.

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By robbing me an hour on Sunday.

And, finally all my clocks are showing the right time.

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No effect. The newspaper was in the mailbox. I just had to change few clocks.
I’m a big boy and can handle it.

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I’m always more tired once we set the clocks forward. Because it’s lighter later, I tend to stay up longer.

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No, we don’t get an extra hour of daylight! It amazes me how so many people think the day length magically changes because we change the clock setting. Aside from that, in the spring the dogs don’t start bugging me for supper as early(by the clock), since they go by their own little doggy inner clocks, which don’t recognize any silly human conventions. In the fall, of course, it’s the opposite. Other than that, I would say that it doesn’t change my life at all besides the nuisance of having to change all the clocks.

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Only thing I do not like about “longer” days of light is…

My neighbors across from me hang in their front yard. Sometimes I do not like them knowing when and what type of woman I am “sneaking” into my house. ;-)

I have needs, and they are nobody’s but mine!

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It made me late for a meeting, this morning.

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Uh…not much really. I’ve never thought of daylight savings as life changing.

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I am thrilled we will have sunlight until a later hour this evening! I wish we were on this time all year long.

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I’m an hour lazier than I thought I was.

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It hasn’t changed anything for me. We don’t observe daylight savings time in Arizona.

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Bluefreedom… daylight savings time in your state? never heard of this. why?

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I think Arizona, Indiana, and Hawaii don’t observe daylight savings if I remember correctly.

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Well I got home hella late from tango – and I usually do but this time it was crazy late like 4: 30 am or something.

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@john65pennington You might be interested curious to hear what @Bluefreedom says also.

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The idea is that when people live by clocks, they enjoy the extra daylight hours after the working day. For a long time agricultural interests fought it but in WWI the English passed a DLST law to increase productivity (OT and second shifts).

Actually most people like it. I do.

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I’m late for everything today,tomorrow,the day after…I give myself three days.;)

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It hasn’t happened here yet, so I can’t say.

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It robbed me of an hour’s sleep tim (pr work time) today even though I told it I was staying up till 4:00 AM last night, and to hold off on the changes. And to top that, it made me wast a half hour’s work time today setting all the clocks and checking the batteries in them plus the smoke and carbon monixide detectors. Stupid Daylight Savings Time!

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Made me get one less hour of sleep, and for a while I was talking to people 4 hours behind instead of just three. Some people say it takes them a while to adjust, I’ve never felt like that.

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Once, years ago when I was living in a college town, the students rioted because the bars closed an hour earlier than usual and the students had nowhere to go.
The cops came, and were pelted with bottles. The cops returned the gesture by firing rubber bullets at the students.
I will never forget how stupid both the students and the cops were.
When i saw the first bottle fly, I decided it was time to go…

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B***h, b***h, b***h In the fall we get the extra hour back. BTW Flowers give off an odor, my SO is too nice and my wallet is too small for all my 50’s

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Screws up my nighttime astronomical observing.

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Only the aggravation of making the changes. I wish we would just stay on the same time; I couldn’t care less which one.

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Kinda missing that hour of sleep over here.

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I thought I was walking in through the door at 1am, but it was really 2am so I was late :(

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@BabylonFree asks: We get 1hour less of sleep today as you know and 1hour more of a day light.

Okay, you understand we are not actually getting any more daylight, right?
And as far as sleep goes, it is easy to manage an hour with a nap.

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@JLeslie and @john65pennington. I looked around on the Internet and couldn’t find any detailed evidence why Arizona doesn’t observe daylight savings time. The closest hint of an answer I could find was that with all the sun we get and as hot as it is here for many months of the year, cutting out an additional hour or so of sunlight isn’t such a bad thing.

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It has made me believe that murder is justified.

If I had a time machine, I would go back in time and murder whoever came up with the idea for daylight saving time.

No, I take that back, I wouldn’t just murder him (or her)—I’d torture him in the slowest most painful way I can think of…

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It stole one hour of my life, and I want it back!

Eh fuck it, I’d probably waste it anyways.

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@HungryGuy So you would rather be on standard time, or you just hate changing back and forth? I want the same time all year, but I want to stay with more sunlight at night.

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I’m not a morning person, and I hate getting up an hour earlier!

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it has made me very tired today.

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Daylight saving time has been in effect all my life, so I can’t say that it has changed my life. But it certainly changes my day twice a year, especially when I set my clock in the wrong direction.

I always look forward to this springtime switch, though, because that’s when my car clock goes back to being right for six months.

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@Jeruba LOL.

@HungryGuy I think we are agreeing.

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