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Who is the best rapper alive?

Asked by rking1487 (494points) March 6th, 2008 from iPhone
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according to google, a rapper called “Lil’ Wayne” is the best rapper alive…in fact thats the name of one of his “hit” songs.

what are the qualifications for being the “best rapper alive”?

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Rev. Run of Run DMC

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I think Lil Wayne is the best ever but thats just me.

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Tupac (he’s still alive).

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yea top 4 Lil Wayne, Tupac, Mac Dre and Jay Z in that order

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rev run.

stop listening to horrible “hip hop”. that’s not rap. that’s a bunch of wanna-be lyricists wearing bullet proof vests writing about guns and girls on their knees. talk about a BS facade?

sorry for my opinion.

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Never apologize for an opinion, sheriff!

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@ishotthesheriff they are just old school rap

ever heard of an even older song called rappers delight?

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i honestly like lupe!
@ gooch: what? ha who’s “they”

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very old school rap song from the70s

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what? hah. i know who dmc is lol
i was saying run was the best rapper

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Andre from outkast

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Too hard to quantify best rapper…hiphop has alot different sub-genres…but i will throw some names out there:
Common, Jay-Z, Nas, Talib Kweli, Eminiem, Andre 3000, KRS…actually this is too hard…too many to list…no way to rank them.

Also, Lil Wayne is trend…kinda like z caverichi pants or JNCO jeans.

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most people rate Lil Wayne on his commercial records but he put out over 150 songs for free in the mixtape game this year. Check out beat without bass or I know the future by Lil Wayne. I would have to say that Wayne isn’t a trend and will go down as one of the best but your right about a lot of sub genres and too many to list.

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Method Man.


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sage francis, aceyalone, slug, biggie, talib kweli, .....

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pst tenneseeteacake biggies not alive

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neither is tupac

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thats debatable lol

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TennesseeTeacake: if you like them, you should like abstract rude. listen to “slip and slide” and “coolin”

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