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Reading and Watching TV doesn't improve my vocab because of Learning disability, what to do?

Asked by joscketSeper (323points) March 14th, 2010

I’m a quiet guy. No friends. i’ve never had friends. I’m early 30’s now. When i meet other Americans( well, mostly see them from a distance) and see how they talk, it’s pretty incredible to me. They know so many words and expressions and stuff. Same with people in TV. And then they are fluent and don’t make pauses.

When i try to talk.. i’m stuck always cause i don’t know words and vocab and expressions. My brain is slow. Even if i have a word at the tip of my tongue, i just can’t remember it.

I read books, watch tv, speak to myself for practice, and nothing seems to work. As you can see, i’m not even good at writing, . I just use basic words and often use the word “stuff” and “things” because i don’t have words to replace that.

At work, i talk with some coworkers…but i struggle big time. I can’t keep up, and i’m slow and i can’t think.

HOw the heck do i learn how to speak better and learn new words and expressions?

Then, there’s stuff that even if i study i can’t comprehend. The people who send documents never explain terms in a simple easy to understand way. For example, things about taxes, finance, loans, ..

And the problem with Asking other people is that most people who are good speakers, explain things in the way they and other talkative people would understand. They never explain it in a childish simple way, which is what i need. I need drawings and simple explanations.

It’s the same thing with dictionaries . Dictionaries give definitions in a way that only good speakers would understand.

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Are you originally from another country or different language culture or were you born and educated here in the US ?

There’s a very specific reason why I’m asking this, not just idle curiosity.

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I’m latino. And i do have an accent and can understand and speak alittle spanish( not fluent, i speak like a baby). So don’t think that the spanish is what affects me. the spanish is 100 times worse.

but i’m good at some asian language i study. which is funny^^

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Read elementary and middle school books as a first step.. don’t jump into the tough stuff when you haven’t learned the little kid stuff yet.

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Oh here are some: Island of the dolphins, Learning Tree house books, the Hobbit, Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, etc. Check the internet for some easy stuff.

If you want easy, basic writing for an adult try the Sookie Stackhouse novels the writing is extremely basic but it’s in the point of view of an adult.. and she has adult experiences.

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The first thing I thought of was the possibility of finding a community service organazition which offers ESL classes. Many times they are free.

Those initials stand for English as a Second Language. That approach may be helpful for you because they keep things very basic and break things down into small segments for ease and simplicity.

Has your specific learning disability ever been diagnosed by a professional ?

It’s pretty interesting how many approaches there are geared towards people with specific learning difficulties but it helps greatly to define things precisely.

You mentioned brain damage. What was the medical reason for that? Did it happen at birth or later?

There are all sorts of resources for people with disabilities but, again, the more accurate the info, the better the chances of finding the effective type of help.

I used to teach Elementary school and it wasn’t usually helpful to just say that a problem student was “slow”. That’s not enough info to point to the best solution.

Defining the problem accurately is more than half the battle toward a solution.

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Yes it does.

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I wonder if your shyness has made it hard to find people and places that would be helpful.
This particular post on fluther is very clear and easy to understand.
You can’t find your way into language ease alone – no one ever has. Language is social!
Do you need help finding resources? @Buttonstc seems to have some good ideas.
One step at a time. You’re on your way.

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Ask your primary doctor for a specialist in your disorder that can help you with the issue.

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It would be helpful to define the disorder to figure out exactly whom to recommend.

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It is understandable if you don’t use typical “American” slang words or phrases. Those are always the hardest to understand because when it is your second language, you try to translate the phrase literally. As long as you can be good at using the language to where you can communicate, you should be fine

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Uhhhh, who said i try to translate. thanks Ponder but that’s not the case with me. I don’t even know the vocabs in my first language

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try listening to some tapes of people speaking or if you have a good friend willing, try to speak intelligently with them

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I have a brain injury. I understand what you mean about not having many friends. I have a difficult problem carrying on conversations with people often because I write much better than I speak. If you would like, I will email you and we can talk that way. Follow me first, then PM me. I will write you and we can talk that way.

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