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What seeds is best to grow in the house indoor or outdoor?

Asked by bigersean (7points) March 14th, 2010

cause im a beginner and i just wont to know be for buying

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I start alot of seeds inside and I just buy whatever I like.I grow ALOT of flowers and some veggies.I put them in little dirt -filled paper cups on trays.I have hundreds of them every spring,but it is worth the beautiful flowers I get all summer.I especially like dahlias.
I also plant things like iris and lilies,tulips,& crocus,every year and divide and trade them with my neighbors to get variety.Try stargazer lilies.They are lovely.

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It has to be interesting or you will lose interest and let the plants die. There are many videos on how amateurs can grow pot indoors. It is one of the few indoor cash flow positive crops. Outdoors you should grow something noteworthy like Ghat or a redwood tree.

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Tomatoes are fun, you can start them inside and move them outside when they are bigger and the weather is warmer.

Here is a good web page: How do I start tomatoes from seed?

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Two of my favorites are Morning Glories & Nastursiums.

Both have very hard seed casings, so an overnight soak in warm water and then you can plant directly outdoors after the danger of frost has passed.

I have some huge urns around my hot tub on my patio with tall Bamboos planted in them.
I plant Nastursiums around the bases every year, they cascade out and are so beautiful, edible too, and…they are a great source of shade for the Bamboo roots which like to be shaded and cool.

The morning glories can be grown in pots along a deck railing, trellis, or planted along any sort of suppport for climbing. Both are awesomely beautiful and extremely easy to grow!

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Lavatera and cosmos are very easy to grow and they will flower outside all summer. Such lovely colours

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Oh yes..I love Cosmos, had some volunteers last year that got huge! The stalks were the size of broomsticks and they were easily 6 feet tall!

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@Coloma Yes and they flower the whole of summer. I even gather some flowers up and put them in the house. They are such a good value plant don’t you think?

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Yes, I love to have little vases of cut flowers on my deck table and indoors all summer.

They also are cool to plant with some of the multi-flowering sunflowers.

The sunflowers make a taller and denser backdrop and combining the cut blooms is really pretty.

I went on an ‘Orange’ jag last year, had Cosmic Orange Cosmos, they are a shorter variety but the color is mindblowing! lol

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Different varieties of pepper for ornamental and consumption as well…Herbs are also good and easy.

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Oh jeez you guys…I still have to wait at least another month to plant anything! Just stop it would’ya!!!! lolololol

I am starting to hoard seeds and bake some new ideas now, then, come August I am so burned out on the watering chores I can’t wait for the season to end! hahahaha

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@bigersean Try “What seeds are…..

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@malevolentbutticklish nice suggestions . . . you should also have added a disclosure statement.

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@njnyjobs: thanks njnyjobs, but why would this need a disclosure statement?

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I think the clue is in the (strangely worded) question: house is indoors.

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