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How do I do a MySQL Insert statement into 2 different tables?

Asked by fuze (17points) January 28th, 2007
For instance, I want to do this: ------------- table A ------------- red blue ------------- table B ------------- apple blueberry and I want to insert Orange into table A and Carrot into table B.
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sounds to me like two separate insert statements... or maybe i don't understand the question...
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yeah, I ended up doing it with two seperate statements....just thought that maybe I could simplify it
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I thought there was a way to do this, but I think I was thinking of doing updates to multiple tables in one statement. After a quick search on Google, it seems it isn't possible to insert into multiple tables in one statement. But, this article offers a tip for simplifying the process using mysql_insert_id:

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Shouldn't be possible since this would not be ACID:

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Sounds like a job for a stored procedure.

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