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Does anyone else wish there was a 'flag as stupid' button?

Asked by delirium (13715points) March 6th, 2008

Questions that thoroughly lack description or are obviously underthought (Or intentionally dumb) aren’t…. abuse…. per say but are notably obnoxious.

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If you click on “flag as abuse” there is an option for “dumb”. Maybe the “flag as abuse” should just be labelled “flag”?

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Eh, I think they’re abuse, and I flag them as Dumb.

Wasting the time of the intelligent people on Fluther for the sake of the puerile on Fluther is definitely abuse, because the intelligent people on Fluther will leave.

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Ooo, i’ve been scared to click it in case I falsely report something as abuse that’s just annoying.
I like that button now!

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New mantra: I will not abuse the abuse button. I will not abuse the abuse button. I will not abuse the abuse button…

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Good to know about the flag as abuse…wasn’t sure about that. Thanks!

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flag often! Our flags are (for now) manually reviewed.. if you are a compulsive front-page checker, you’ll notice that a lot of cruft is culled by our beloved moderators. Flagging helps them do that!

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Maybe they should go into a special section called, “There are stupid questions.”

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Yes, I would have marked this with it. But without this, it might not happen…... :head explodes:

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Maybe we need Fluther Lite?? (note the spelling)

Fluther for Dummies?

Fluther Jr.?

or maybe you should have to pass a basic literacy test in order to post on Fluther.

In Germany one must take lessons to obtain a fishing license or a permit to play golf, the object being that if you don’t know what you are doing you have no business in the middle of the stream with the real fisherman or out on the 4th fairway, scoring a quintuple bogey before you hit the green.

I am sure that a qualifying test would not fit within the Fluther business model but I have heard stranger and worse ideas in business meetings.


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Can we get a iPhone “button” to flag those questions and re-direct them here…

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There should be a googlit button

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