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Do you buy Girl Scout Cookies?

Asked by filmfann (45983points) March 14th, 2010

When I leave the grocery store, I will buy GS cookies if a girl asks me. Not because I like them (they are okay), or because they are cheap (they are more expensive than the cookies in the store I just left), but because I feel bad for the kids having to sell things, and the girls are so sweet! It’s like supporting tradition.
Do you avoid them? Do you feel guilty? Are these girls being used to manipulate us by Big Cookie?

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my favorite cookie is ________

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Hate ‘em and the little shits that sell ‘em.

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I would if anyone had the guts to sell them in this town. You can get shot for walking up to the wrong door.

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Thin mints…nom nom nom

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I can’t eat a cookie made out of girl scouts. gross.

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Why has everybody stolen my image? What is this, AstroChuck Day? That was last month. Stop, for the love of God. You’re all scaring me.

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No because they’re terrible for you.

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Are they really made of girlscout meat, or just imitation girlscout meat (like imitation crab).

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Where else am I supposed to get my year’s supply of Samoas?

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Yeah, I use to support all of the kids on my block and buy a box or two.

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities Oh man. My parents both get a years supply of cookies too.

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@mrrich724 I hear they’re made out of real factory farmed girlscout meat!

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@Zen_Again Congrats my dear !!! You have just won “Bitter Internet S.O.B” of the years !
& you’re up for the decade,,,I’ll keep you posted !!

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Yes.The thin mints made me grow a third boob….just like I wanted ;)

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Someone is posing as @AstroChuck and mumbled something up there. Ignore him.

Edit: Lily – obviously my humour, and hopefully only mine or it would be sad, eludes you.

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@AstroChuck That just made my day.

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A third boob on your back could make slow-dancing more fun.

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I’ve really got to visit the chatroom more and see what everyone is planning.

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@Vunessuh They’re feeding Girl Scout cookies to a mule?

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@Pseudonym I guess mules like peanut butter. Can’t blame em’.

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@JeanPaulSartre and everyone else

Stop supporting girlscout cookies right now. Have you seen that movie about the farmraised girlscout living conditions? They are horrible. They are packed into tiny rooms and fed corn all day. It’s bad.

I don’t support that, and because I don’t, no one else should.

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I buy them for the same reason you do @filmfann!

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@dpworkin -LMAO! :)
I’ve also played the “Hunchback” in many local productions.

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There is such a thing as free-range grass-fed girl scouts. Let’s not tar everyone with the same brush.

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Don’t believe the hype, “free range” only means they have one extra foot by one extra foot of moving space. It’s still no good.

You have to support your local farmers market and only eat girlscout products from them. They cost more, but the girlscouts are treated humanely before they are slaughtered for our consumption.

They aren’t injected with growth hormones (you should visit a local farm one day). You can tell they are all natural b/c none of them have moustaches or back hair.

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I usually get my girlscout cookies second hand. So I don’t buy them usually. Of course by the time I get them they’re stale…...maybe that’s why I don’t buy them…..

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What’s your favourite girl scout/girl scout cookie?

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Yes, I buy at least one box every year, and have since I was 16. I missed karate last week, so when I return Tuesday, I hope to get my Samoas from one of my classmates’ daughters. It’s a treat and also, it’s a wistful purchase. I was a Brownie for a week when I was 6. My family couldn’t afford my being a Girl Scout. :(

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Thin mints. I thought I remembered something like a Choco-lauge, but I can’t find anything resembling that online.

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Thin Mints are fantastic. I can go through a box by myself within an hour.
The new caramel ones are really good, too.
And the lemon ones. Oh God. Cookie time.

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I live with a girl scout and am forced to buy several boxes every year. This year I hid a box each of Thin Mints and Samoas in the freezer so I can chop them up and add them to homemade ice cream this summer. yumma yumma

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Years ago, one of the offices I would work at was run by a woman who sold her daughter’s gs cookies. If you wanted any of your transfers worked by her, you had to buy cookies. Otherwise, you were on the back burner for MONTHS.

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I buy them from the girls. Never from the parents.
Hey what the?!?!? What’s that Cub scout doing over there?

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I buy them when coworkers kids are selling them. I usually buy about $25 worth. Consisting this time of a few Thin Mints, some Samoas, and some Peanut Butter Patties. They’re only $2.50—$3.50 a box, far from expensive even compared to store cookies. And I love Samoas dipped in Earl Grey. Melts the chocolate, softens the caramel and they become my num nums.

They last me the better part of the year. Not bad for $25.

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Some of the little hustlers caught up with me at the mall and forced me to buy four boxes. Brats.

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I love girl scout cookies. I used to be a girl scout so I had to sell them myself, and i hated when people walked past me without buying some. So now whenever i see a girl scout selling some i buy their cookies.

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I love Tagalongs and Thinmints, so yes, I buy Girl Scout cookies every year.

Did you hear about the recall on the Lemon Chalet Cremes? I got a bad box and they tasted nasty.

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I don’t buy them. I don’t avoid Girl Scouts sellling them. I don’t feel guilty not buying something I don’t need or like. If the Girl Scouts were selling their labor to come to my home and pull weeds then maybe we’d have a deal.

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I buy them because I like them and they are only available during certain times of the year…which makes them all the better. :)

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Heck yes!

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I’ve been a Girl Scout since I was a little kid. I’m in my late 30’s and still work with Girl Scouts. I buy a few boxes – it’s just some kind of tradition now. I know on January 1st, we can “legally” sell them…so I order mine and my daughter gets the orders from the regulars – every year. My husband doesn’t take the order to work, the guys know my daughter sells them, and will ask for her to call or email them with their choices. She’s not one the wants to win a bunch of the “incentives” for selling the cookies, but she does like helping the troop so they can go on bigger trips every year. Since they are all Senior Girl Scouts, now, they go on true vacations. They’ve saved for a cruise and decided to wait one more year – to offset the cost further.

It does burn our butts a bit, on the amount we receive versus what Council and Corporate retain – but hey, it’s still better than nothing.

Tagalongs, Thin Mints, Samoas and Lemon cookies (when they are good!) are the front runners in our house.

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Whenever I see this question, I just want to eat some of the tagalongs we just got

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Tagalongs. Tagalongs, Tagalongs!! The are not the same as Peanut Butter Patties (made by different bakery) but PBP are all I can get here.

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Yes, when I see them outside the store I visit, I buy them. they aren’t allowed to go door to door here, so public sales are the only choice. The local troop had a cookie party at a public park to showcase their cookies.

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@cak For the past couple of years, my daughter’s troop has voted to do without the incentives so they earn more money for activities. Later this year they are going on an overnight trip to a museum in Boston.

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@MissAusten – Finally, this year they did the same. We still had a few younger girls that wanted the incentives; however, this year, those girls transferred to a younger troop. It was better for them, they don’t feel that huge age gap, anymore.

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