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Can olives go bad?

Asked by nomtastic (931points) March 14th, 2010

i have oil cured olives sitting in my fridge. they have been there for some time. they don’t smell bad, but i’m not sure what a bad-smelling olive would be like.

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What is a while? they can last if covered in liquid about a year. They should be slimy if they are bad.

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I had bad olives once from a salad bar in a grocery store. They smelled rancid, and were slimy, like @marinelife said. Yick.

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I do not know if the oil-cured olives go bad, but if they are olives in brine, such as green olives, they should be good indefinitely (or at least a year) as long as they stay covered.

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You would know it if your olives had gone off. You wouldn’t be able to stand the smell, let alone the taste.

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Agreed, the smell and taste is rather obvious.

Fun fact, the only food that doesn’t spoil apparently is honey.

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YES they can. I had some fancy olives, and the liquid they were in grew mold and smelled bad. I’m not sure about olives you buy in a jar, but I don’t recommend eating anything that has gotten old.

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