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Is telekinesis (The ability to move objects with ones mind) real?

Asked by Theotherkid (884points) March 6th, 2008

I can move small objects around sometimes. Others claim I’m not telling the truth. Others think something else is going on. So… Is telekinesis real?

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No. You’re either lying or crazy.

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and i can move my penis like a monkey tail. . .

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There are three options. Either you’re doing it, you’re deluding yourself that you’re doing it (but you really believe that you’re doing it), or you’re not doing it and lying to us.

If it’s in the first category, it’s real. If it’s in the latter two, it’s not real.

That’s about as close as anybody on Fluther is likely to get without seeing you do it in person.

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If you had this ability, you could win a million dollars -

Let us know when you get rich :)

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Sorry I guess I am crazy…

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I think telekinesis has been pretty well debunked.

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So what’s your hallucination like?

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I can move objects with my mind!
True my mind has to tell my hand to do the actual moving…

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There is no spoon…

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Come on over and teletransport all the ticks that are lurking, dormant, in the grass, brush piles, decomposing logs and on deer, dogs, cats and most other mammals, including me sometimes. I’ll make lunch.

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how can I delete this question? I don’t like the responses. :-(

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This is a wikipedia on Psychokinesis

These links are to the million dollar challenge site
first is Telekinesis applicant claim still under review
second is a Telekinesis applicant claim, the Russian counter part of the site refuses to participate in the observing of the demonstration. The man who runs the site claims that he can’t do anything because he’s in Florida.

Other sites that list people who, are claimed to, have demonstrated forms of Telekinesis.
Also claim to be able to teach you Telekinesis and how to increase your ability.——Tips-to-Develop-Telekinesis&id=626007
Maybe it’s real maybe it’s not. I’ve been told many times I can’t do something by others and if I believed them I would not have gone on to do them.
None involved the paranormal but that’s not my interest.
Ultimately you must decide the direction you will go, and the path you will pursue.
As far as whether it is a sin as asked in your other question. Well that’s between you and God. And if He is God then he will be able to convey that to you.

I apologize if my response on your other question was not taken in the light hearted way in which it was intended.

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Ya, as ironhiway just did, I apologize if I came off in a mean way. I thought you were accepting that you were probably confusing yourself, and I was genuinely interested in what that was specifically like, and being lighthearted but unintentionally thoughtless in my expression of it.

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It’s my belief that if someone has that ability/power, they would be very wise to tell no one about their talent, because the way our government works, that person would be shanghaied and dissected, or tortured and exploited, “in the interest of National Security.”

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Telekinesis is real according to physics. The ability to move objects with your mind can be done, but you have to believe that you can without an shred of doubt. Brain waves can be used as a force, hence if the force were strong enough objects could be moved. And JackAdams has a point if you can (move objects) certainly do not show anyone unless you trust them. Just telling someone can do you no harm because they will write you off as another crazy person. The one who moves objects becomes king of the world.

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@Darker; Please cite your sources and physicists who have given Telekinesis a good run for its money.

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