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Any suggestions on how to keep mice from chewing on leather?

Asked by rangerr (15765points) March 14th, 2010

Lately, I’ve been noticing that our saddles and leather straps out in the barn have sections of them that have been eaten by mice.
I didn’t know mice even fancied leather.

I’m anti-trap/poison, so I don’t mind the mice being around. I’m just not a fan of what they do to our saddles. The saddles and all their straps are on saddle racks and covered up, so nothing is touching the ground or hanging except for the stirrups. Which I can’t do anything about without warping the positioning.

Is there anything I can put on the leather to make it less appealing for them, but without killing the mice? Or ruining the leather.

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Give it a cookie.

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@Ivan No. Then it’s going to want a glass of milk.

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Peppermint Oil!!!...on cotton buds!!! works brilliantly…Sooo mice friendly and will keep them away from the area (they just don’t like the smell at all!)...tried and tested…was so impressed when I discovered this little gem of a deterrent!

I guess you could even put it on the leather…if you didn’t mind it being stained in any way…

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So, the mice have found your hardcore bondage equipment, have they?

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This is a real problem and must be handled delicately.

More information is required.

Obviously you have the leather-fancying variety of rodent, and it will be difficult to find something “less appealing.”

They know what they want, and won’t accept substitutes.

I say sit down and have a talk with them. Find out which designers appeal to them more, which ones less. You may have to compromise.

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@lynneblundell I’d rather not have the leather stained. The most recent victim of mice was my show saddle. I can’t have that stained. But can you explain more about the peppermint oil?

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Soak a cup of tobacco in a half gallon of water and spray away.

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ok…well…I would just put a few drops of oil (like essential oil) on small cotton buds and scatter them near the saddle racks anywhere near there really… as close to the saddles as possible but if you can put them in their direct path that would be better…or surround the saddles… it’s the scent they don’t like apparently so you want to create a ‘scent barrier’ (if you know what I mean?)

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A friend of mine stores his old Caddy every winter and scatters flakes of Irish spring soap on her leather seats. It has worked for several years. Her name is Phyllis. She certainly smells good in the spring!

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I vote we staple their lips shut! Stupid mice.

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@lynneblundell Ooooh. I will have to try that. Thank you!

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<sharp intake of breath> @Trillian :-p

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@lynneblundell What? Oh, like you never sewed a mouse to a tail pipe or duct taped a squirrel. ;-)

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eek…actually I did swing one round by it’s tail once… yes, that’s a true story :-/ and it fell off….

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sorry…flew off…

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